Jones answers cell phone call

Minister of Education Ronald Jones says he is sticking to his plans of lifting the current cellular phone ban in schools.

Speaking during a book launch this morning at the Ministry of Education, Elsie Payne Complex, Jones suggested that while some people were critical about his proposal to lift the ban, it was important to note that school administrations were tackling the issue of children sneaking phones into schools.

Jones said while he responded to the apprehension of the wider society, by refusing the use of cellular phones in schools, he has contributed to liars in Barbados.

“Do you have a cellularphone? No sir. All of our children were generally lying to their teachers and to their school leaders. Even when cellular phones were banned in schools, and they are still banned by the way, you were seeing pictures or video clips of the school. So who is taking that? The children or the teacher? The children who were doing that. They are not hiding it in the cus cus grass,” he said.

He noted that the use of technology was developed to bring people together and share information collectively and a policy to control and regulate the use of cellular phones in schools was needed.

Jones argued that many people used technology without understanding its uses.

“We are saying put tablets in our schools but keep cellular phones out. And I am saying what stupidity. You don’t understand that the rates at which apps are being developed that a cellularphone app placed in the tablet that already has camera capabilities, can do everything. That is just the same thing. Keep the cellular phone out, but bring the tablet is a contradiction in reality.

The book Heritage Barbados, a pictorial journey by Rasheed Boodhoo, will be distributed to all public and private schools across the island, at no cost.

The book is a celebration of all things Barbadian, creating a quintessential pictorial journey that extracts the raw essence of the island. Author Boodhoo offers the priceless moments captured, giving readers a glimpse of the past, an appreciation of the present and a window to by-gone times for future generations.

Jones lauded the book which he said would give the students a look into the country’s history and also its dynamic landscape and history.

Meanwhile, Boodhoo, also a photographer whose work is being presented said putting together the book was not an easy task, but indicated that he was happy to have made the contribution to society.

4 Responses to Jones answers cell phone call

  1. Diana Cave
    Diana Cave October 28, 2015 at 8:08 am

    Mr, Jones do what you have to do , stick to your opinion .. Who vex vex , who please please .. what ignorance is this saying bring tablets into the .. Schools , but not »» Cell phones .. What’s the difference .. pure ignorance these »»» School Children , nowadays .. Are very clever , the ban is still on .. Did it change anything .. Not at all.

  2. Ms. Bemused October 28, 2015 at 10:56 am

    I don’t know why this country don’t wake up and stop being behind technologically, and stop keep this country’s children from progressing. Cellphones are not only used for making calls actually if you have one that cancan only call and text then it outdated. Cellular phones now are actually mini computers or if it’s over 5″ it’s called a pallet. There is not much difference between a tablet and a cellphone and the major difference is the Sim card which allows you to connect to the Internet without using WiFi. Most proper cellphones(not the crap sold here for tons of money) have better specifications than most computers in government departments and schools including UWI. Since I left UWI I have not used a computer but do all of my business on my cell phone including printing of documents and have massive storage capabilities. So until Bajans stop thinking that cellphones are for talking and not communicating, researching, and educating, we are going to be left behind. Instead teach the children to properly use these tools, let them understand that just like pen and paper they are good and bad with usage. Stop trying to hide and fight change, but adapt to it with common sense and core values that should be learnt at home. The next Bill Gates could be a Bajan just give the children a chance.

  3. Ms. Bemused October 28, 2015 at 10:58 am

    Error correction: it’s a phablet

  4. Thomas Katt
    Thomas Katt October 28, 2015 at 2:08 pm

    And we’re pleased to announce…Barbados very own Stand Up Comedian 🙂


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