Why Trump may be good for region

yourwealthourinterest-1I have a vision of an empire that connects Africa to the Caribbean, and celebrates our unique history.

When I think of Mr Barack Obama I can’t recall even a few things he has done to assist the Caribbean. Correct me if I am wrong.

Please note that we don’t call Mr David Cameron Prime Minister Cameron; please don’t call Mr Obama President Obama. He isn’t our president.

This article will challenge you to divorce yourself from any notion of what is good for the United States being also good for the Caribbean. Obamacare is the perfect example of this myth.

As humanitarians, we should celebrate better health care for our fellow human beings. However, Obamacare also killed the prospects of mass medical tourism, hinged on the United States citizen escaping exorbitant health care costs.
If a Republican was to overturn Obamacare, wouldn’t that be beneficial for the Caribbean?

I must answer in the affirmative; not only for the countless doctors the region is producing but also for the stakeholders in our traditional tourism product.

Let’s focus on Donald Trump. Mr Trump would also perhaps run up huge deficits for the United States with his immigration “plan”. While we could see this as a bad thing in the long term for the United States, why is it a bad thing for the Caribbean, or even the rest of the world?

The world economy is designed around the whims of the United States consumer by virtue of the United States dollar being the world’s reserve currency. Thus the world needs the United States to continue spending all that it can to keep the global economy growing. If the world were to move from catering to the United States consumer, there would be another global recession as we tried to adjust to something more sustainable. The Caribbean can ill afford this currently. With the International Monetary Fund’s continuous revisions of lower global growth, a Trump stimulus might just be what we all need.

In the next breath, I must admit that Mr Trump would be a horrible president for the United States –– in my opinion. He doesn’t have the best personality; he would probably make rash decisions and irritate other world leaders.

Now, they aren’t the criteria for my “support”; and they shouldn’t be for yours. Mr Trump isn’t going to bankrupt the United States, nor is he going to start World War III. However his actions will help the Caribbean if he carries through with them; and that is why I say President Trump has “my vote”.

(Craig Harewood is the investment director at OurInterest Inc.)

11 Responses to Why Trump may be good for region

  1. Danny Clarke Colombian
    Danny Clarke Colombian October 27, 2015 at 10:44 am

    Trump is a total jackass. A narrow minded insulting one at that. Guess those will still find a friend somewhere

  2. Tamina Darkies
    Tamina Darkies October 27, 2015 at 11:11 am

    I wonder if u talkin bout d same Donald Trump I think u are

    • Chris Kinkaid
      Chris Kinkaid October 27, 2015 at 1:27 pm

      He’s delusional. On the one hand Trump isn’t good for America. Obama isn’t his President so he wouldn’t call him President Obama, but he refers to that MORON as President Trump… a man whom he admits “would be a horrible president for the United States –– in my opinion. He doesn’t have the best personality; he would probably make rash decisions and irritate other world leaders.” #BogglesTheMind

    • Chris Kinkaid
      Chris Kinkaid October 27, 2015 at 8:13 pm

      Exactly Giarc Harewood

    • Chris Kinkaid
      Chris Kinkaid October 27, 2015 at 8:33 pm

      Where’s the trollage?

  3. jrsmith October 27, 2015 at 11:16 am

    @, Mr, C ,Harewood, hail, hail, something said by you ,I agree with, most I don’t, no American President was ever good for the Caribbean region or will never be , No American politician has the faintest idea what foreign policies is all about, but they try. you take as it comes, not forgetting ,America is the worlds biggest excolony, which was always the world biggest debtor. at present 22 trillion dollars and rising.

    As for the world economy, what ever happens in the US, is good for ,China,Japan and parts of Europe , but not our region, we always have the chance of picking up the failing corporates , who they business is times over what the financial status of Barbados year on year. and survive by avoiding taxes wheree possible.

    For Barbados , my home, my people we must be more proactive and friendly with Cuba, that’s where it will all happen, in the next decade. Cuba being the unspoilt political stamping ground, on America doorstep, politicians would not be able to ( Politically Corporate corrupt ) the Cuban government , because they must tread softly.

    No body is interested in the region as like two decades ago, because as like Barbados we have priced ourselves out of the tourist market, leaving local bajans to pick up the pieces. fortunate for us our dollar has survived the financial turmoil over the past decade , the reason ,the English people and they businesses love for the island. and the returnees contributions.

    As for Donald trump the American president, wild, but the change, American politics need, because he is not a politician and American politics is stuck in a void needing a third party. Although him being so call republican, America has become a very unstable country. which no one is scared of anymore. 340 millions people ,1.86 guns per person, and people using humans as target practices day after day. Mr,Trump will upset the drug cartels, that’s going to be war, on the mainland and border, but reality, its there who ever becomes president

    Bajans need to wake up ,we are not thinking of the future, we are thinking of our survival what will come, these are going to very dangerous decades ahead for us. Are we always be waiting
    for the scraps from the masters table.

  4. Buddy Love
    Buddy Love October 27, 2015 at 1:45 pm

    Who is this fool. Donald Trump is one of the most racist, bias, elitist person out there and is not afraid to show it. Go away you silly person.

  5. swindley October 27, 2015 at 3:09 pm

    OBAMA is the President of the USA and not of Barbados. Why should I put gas in your car.

  6. vbabb October 27, 2015 at 3:25 pm

    Mr. Harewood, I beg to different based on the facts below:

    First, the president of the United States, presently Baraka Obama does not make law or head any US agency that regulates trade with the Caribbean. Congress makes law and the President can sign it or veto it. The USA has a Bicameral style government. He can say that he would like to see certain things happen or not happen, but then he has to get the others on board and then get the two houses which are the Senate (100 members) and the House of Representatives (435 members). These two house form Congress.

    Second, the idea of health tourism being shot in the foot by Obamacare (correct name Affordable Care Act) is a myth. The poor in the US,who are also on public assistance, have always been covered by insurance. It is called Medicaid. Then 98% of the over 65 age group are covered by Medicare.

    People in the US who were not covered by insurance were mostly the people who were above the poverty level but not employed by a employer who offered insurance, or worked free lance or who had pre-existing conditions when they tried to buy insurance or who worked for small businesses (under 50 employees) or similar situations. 13% Black and 30% Hispanic etc.

    Third, Trump’s businesses have filed for bankruptcy protection 4(four) times – 1999, Trump”s Taj Mahal in Atlantic City; 1992 Trump Plaza Hotel in Atlantic City; 2004, Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts and in 2009 Trump Entertainment Resorts. The last bankruptcy was after his business miss a $53.1 million bond interest payment. This cost US taxpayers money and thousands
    of jobs were lost.

    Do you still want to vote for Trump?

    Please get your facts

    Most of these people can’t afford to travel in USA far less to travel to the Caribbean for care!!

  7. Charles Worrell October 27, 2015 at 3:32 pm

    Mr. Harewood, you have given us little to chew on other than some wildly speculative thoughts. Your reasoning for the demise of Obamacare is off terribly and largely misinformed. You are an investigator, will you kindly give us the figures regarding those persons in the USA who were WITHOUT healthcare, giving cause to this effort? Would you submit some figures as to costs of healthcare in the USA and some of the effects these costs have had on its citizenry in times of ill health before this Act? You see Sir, it is not enough to simply dislike a plan or a policy for the single reason that others dislike it as well. As an investigator, please get the information; from this, your readers get to see WHY the policy came to be for the country and even if they dislike it, it would be for solid reasons. Of course the upside here is that we may find that where the ‘bad’ parts exists, these can be improved or corrected and make the policy that much more effective. It is my submission that had this been done in the USA, this would have been a very effective tool in the provision of health care but politics have gotten in and it has become a question of who should get what and this IS SELDOM EVER IN THE INTEREST OF THE PEOPLE OF THE COUNTRY.

    Would you mind clarifying the idea of medical care as a product of Tourism please? Medical costs in the USA are crazy for many reasons and this has resulted in many doctors joining hospitals as Malpractice Insurance has become unaffordable; lawyers literally sit in reception halls waiting for that doctor to mess up. As you investigate, you will find that this matter is far more complicated than you at first thought.

    I am not sure why you are making a point of calling the President of the United States Mr. Obama rather than President Obama. This offends our regard for the OFFICE this man holds and we have to be careful not to allow disrespect to cloud decorum. And yes, RESPECT was big during our days as a colony of Grt. Brittan and it has served us in good stead. This kind of behavior and callous disrespect does not have any place in your chosen profession Sir. There is much room for rigid or even plain speaking discussion but disrespect for the office of the American President IS NOT ONE OF THEM.

    What HAVE YOU HEARD MR. TRUMP SAY UP TO NOW TO THINK THAT HE COULD BE GOOD FOR US? He will build a guard wall to lock out the Mexicans from America at their expense???? HAVE you any idea how many Caribbean immigrant are among the illegals there? Is Mr. Trump keeping those from the Caribbean and sending back the others? Do YOU THINK MR. TRUMP’S frequent attack on women in the very degrading way he has done it endears him to the people of the USA or even other WORLD LEADERS?

    Mr. Harewood, Ms. Smith speaks to the need to have us as a Caribbean people looking to ourselves and putting together a plan that works for each of us. Cuba, beautiful and unspoilt will play a pivotal role here and for the reasons mentioned. The Caribbean have got to look at itself and implement plans and policies for its benefit AS AN ENTIRE REGION. It has to emphasize bi and multilateral trade between its members and work to assist each other in the development of its economy. Also, we need to deal with the USA and others as a GROUP and have respect generating therefrom.
    We need to screen or vet the things we allow in the Caribbean that are destroying the moral fiber of our people. We need to take that which is good for us and reject that which is not. We need to FIND our confidence ONCE AGAIN in our education system and just as we produced some of the best in times past, let us do it again. And yes, all of those losers in business who run here and get the vacations, the sun and the sea and the benefits
    while contributing precious little to us need to go away or BE SENT AWAY. IN OTHER WORDS, INDEOPENDENCE NEEDS TO HAVE SOME TEETH. UP TO NOW, IT HAS BEEN NOTHING MORE THAN “lap-dog”.


  8. Alex Alleyne October 27, 2015 at 8:05 pm

    Craig, such nonsense don’t worth comment , but what I will say is BAJANS will remember you when and if you do run for any political office in BIM.


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