New BLP covenant by yearend

The Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) plans to have a contract with Barbados ready for public scrutiny by the end of this year.

General Secretary Dr Jerome Walcott said the hi

Dr Jerome Walcott
Dr Jerome Walcott

ghlight of yesterday’s closing session of the BLP’s three-day conference was a discussion on the proposed “Covenant of Hope” between the party and the people.

While not divulging details of the proposed pact, Dr Walcott said it was a “work in progress” and would be ready by year end and available for public discussion during the first quarter of 2016.

He said another conference highlight was the adoption of the BLP’s first pledge “to serve the people of Barbados at all times; to remain committed to our values and to one another; to work together to keep our party relevant; and to build a better Barbados and a better life for our people.”

Dr Walcott described the just-concluded 77th annual conference as “a resounding success”, adding that based on “content, attendance and delegate participation” it was “unquestionably” one of the BLP’s best annual conferences.

In addition to BLP leader Mia Motley’s address, the conference also featured a youth forum, which dealt with problems affecting Barbados’ youth and made suggestions for stemming “the growing tide of hopelessness and deviant behavior” among the country’s young people.

Peter Phillips, the party’s candidate for St Lucy, was named Conference Chairman for 2016. (PR)

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