It stinks!

Mottley warns of public health crisis

Opposition Leader Mia Mottley says something has gone terribly wrong with the south coast and Bridgetown sewerage systems.

And speaking during the Barbados Labour Party’s Christ Church West Central nomination meeting last night, she called for the immediate intervention of Prime Minister Freundel Stuart to avert a major public health crisis.

  “The people who live around Graeme Hall [Christ Church] have already complained and told all who would listen, including the Barbados Water Authority and the Ministry of Health,” said Mottley.

“I want the Prime Minister to call for the files and to investigate whether there is need for urgent intervention under his leadership to prevent a crisis from becoming worst with the South Coast Sewerage system and the Bridgetown Sewerage Project,” she said.

She warned that the public health and well being of the people of Barbados was at stake.

“This is not a joke, and this is not a laughing matter,” the Opposition Leader said while promising to speak more on the problem during her feature presentation to her party’s 77th general conference this weekend.

“If between now and Saturday [the Prime Minister] cannot find what I am talking about . . . I am prepared to give you the facts because what is at stake  is a travesty and a tragedy that will impact on the public health of the people of this country, but in particular, the people of this parish and those in the surrounding areas in Bridgetown,” she told the gathering in Christ Church West Central for the nomination of pharmacist Adrian Forde as the Opposition’s candidate for the next general elections.

“This is a serious matter,”  Mottley stressed.

2 Responses to It stinks!

  1. jrsmith October 23, 2015 at 11:45 am

    I agree with Mia,what is just not so democratic , most decent fairly run countries around the world , the voting public would scream for public inquiries, this never seems to happen in Barbados, because everything is so badly manage , inquiries would take a full life of parliament. my suggestion if our politicians cannot put Barbados LTD right, employ consultants from outside the region to do so.

  2. carson c cadogan October 23, 2015 at 4:10 pm

    This woman is full of hot air.

    she and her deadlines.

    About a year ago she gave the Hon. Prime Minister seven days to fire the Minister Of finance. If at the end of the seven day period he was not fired then she would take steps to remove both the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance herself.

    The nation of Barbados is still waiting for her action on this matter. Now another deadline.

    Oh yes! The Barbados Labour Party Annual Conference is this weekend!!!!! So she is grand standing as usual. With the disarray in the ranks of the Barbados Labour Party even they are not taking her seriously.


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