It’s shoddy!

Barbados Labour Party Senator Sandra Husbands has condemned as a backward move a decision to install water tanks in parishes across the island in response to the current water shortage.

Contending that the response to a near-drought situation now hitting the island could have been better if Government had not used up resources on what she reported is “a very glossy, beautiful” $150 million new headquarters building, she charged that Barbadians were being taken to a time long past.

Opposition Senator  Sandra Husbands.
Opposition Senator
Sandra Husbands.

“Are you thinking that Barbadians are back to the stage where three buckets of water are all they will need to use in any given day in order to take care of flushing a toilet, taking a bath, washing dishes, cooking food, watering plants?” she asked on Sunday evening during a St James South constituency meeting at the West Terrace Primary School.

“It is ridiculous that Barbadians now have to go back out with buckets to catch water. This cannot be serious planning on behalf of Barbadians!”

In response to the Government’s decision to place some 800 tanks, on an average of 20 per parish, in areas affected by shortages, she asked:“Do you have the tankers to run and fill them in a hurry?

“How many people will one tank serve?”

She said that the administration’s handling of the water shortage was the latest in its “shocking and shoddy” planning for water management.

She attacked the Government for seeking to deal with an overall loss of pumped water across the island by first installing water meters.

Husbands said this did not address the problem because, “for years we have known that the pipes underneath our roads are rotting” and the high number of burst mains now being experienced was testimony to deteriorating pipelines.

She said it was only after “noise”  was made by the BLP that the Government began fixing pipes.

“They rushed and started to do some in St Philip. Then they rushed down to Tweedside Road [in St Michael].

“You had a whole summer vacation when children were out from school and traffic was less, and they waited until September to decide they will do Tweedside Road and Roebuck Street [in St Michael], when the place is going to be busier than ever.

“They just don’t do good planning. They don’t know how to do Barbadians good,” she said, adding, “the end result of this is that we still have a problem that is not fixed.”

4 Responses to It’s shoddy!

  1. Thomas Katt
    Thomas Katt October 20, 2015 at 1:15 pm

    Do worry. We’ve a spanking BWA new headquarters. That’s all that matters. Perception is more important than reality. More than two jokers in this pack

  2. Angela Fergusson October 20, 2015 at 1:15 pm

    I understand the quote of Senator Sandra Husbands “For years we have known that the pipes underneath our roads are rotting.” I believe it to be true. In responding to a temporary effort made by the present Government it is fair to say: During the period of time, when many “glossy buildings” were being built with approval of, and under the watch of the opposition party the B L P., no money was spent on replacing rotting pipes. The former Prime Minister Owen Arthur during that time did not see the need to spend money on the rotting pipes, nor poor drainage situations.

    Barbados has not paid enough attention to the Infrastructure over the years and will have no other choice today!

  3. carson c cadogan October 20, 2015 at 8:40 pm

    Sandra, why didn’t your party, the Barbados Labour Party, do something positive about the water situation in Barbados when it was in power as you all like to call it?

  4. Basil Graham October 20, 2015 at 9:49 pm

    It’s really quite amazing that after the DLP’s two terms in government you people can find it comforting to make reference to when the Barbados Labour Party was in power. No reference is never made to the achievements of this DLP government simply because there is none, no achievement at all, but it is always about when the BLP was in power, not to worry though, we’ll be in power again and what a beautiful Barbados it will be again.


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