Five months for assault

COURT TODAY BLOCKKhiry Sobers has been jailed for five months for hitting his girlfriend.

Sobers, of 1st Avenue, Jackson, St Michael pleaded guilty to inflicting serious bodily harm on Sasha Barrow-Agard on October 9, when the case went before Magistrate Wanda Blair in the Holetown Magistrates’ Court last Monday.

She remanded Sobers until later that week when he returned for sentencing.

The court also discovered that Sobers had reneged on paying $700 in compensation to another woman he assaulted, which was a case in a different jurisdiction. Unfortunately for Sobers, the alternative was nine months in prison. He was therefore automatically sentenced to that as well.

The facts which Station Sergeant Carrison Henry revealed were that he and Barrow-Agard met a few months ago and began living together. They had an altercation on October 9 and according to the police facts, Sobers beat the complainant from Bridgetown until she got home.

The prosecutor further told the court that on occasions, Sobers even sat at the woman’s workplace while she worked and if certain conversations she had with her clients displeased him, he would beat her after they left the hair salon.

Sobers stressed that he “don’t sit down and guard she” and that much of the statement which was read to the court, was untrue.

He recalled wanting to end the relationship but the complainant did not. Sobers also said that during the incident, both he and Barrow-Agard got physical with each other but made up afterwards.

The woman insisted that it was not the first such incident involving physical violence and he would hit her sometimes based on “assumptions he makes in his own head”.

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