BLP candidate points finger at Lowe

Opposition caretaker candidate Senator Wilfred Abrahams has taken the Democratic Labour Party incumbent Dr Denis Lowe to task for what he says is poor quality representation being offered to the constituents of Christ Church East.

Senator Wilfred Abrahams.
Senator Wilfred Abrahams.
Dr Denis Lowe.
Dr Denis Lowe.

Commenting on large tracts of land overgrown with tall bush, Abrahams said yesterday: “There is a serious problem with environmental issues in Christ Church East. Bush is all over the constituency. It is almost laughable that the parliamentary representative for Christ Church East is the Minister of the Environment.

Abrahams added: “He finds himself in a position when the workers of the Sanitation Service Authority were on strike to be able to deploy trucks across Barbados to pick up garbage, but yet finds difficulty in deploying those same trucks or using Government’s resources to address the concerns of his constituents. Christ Church East is being neglected by the minister and there is no excuse.”

The Opposition candidate also charged that constituents were not seeing Dr Lowe. “He is more visible through his personal assistant than he is, but the people did not vote for his personal assistant, the people voted for Denis Lowe. If Lowe is not able to do the job, he needs to speak now and let proper representation take place.”

Commenting on the response of constituents to the mass canvass, Abrahams said: “Thyme Bottom traditionally favoured the DLP and did so last election. The response this evening was overwhelming and heartening. Barbadians are fed up.” In a show of unity on Sunday afternoon, Opposition Leader Mia Mottley led a team of some 100 BLP members and supporters in a mass canvass of the Christ Church East constituency in support of Abrahams.

The team included former Attorney General and St Joseph MP, Dale Marshall; former parliamentary representative for Christ Church East Reginald Farley; BLP spokesman on economic affairs and former parliamentary representative for St Michael North West Dr Clyde Mascoll; St Thomas MP Cynthia Forde and former Democratic Labour Party (DLP) candidate for St Philip South Neval Greenidge.

The canvassers were broken up into 11 groups to cover the 11 polling districts which make up the constituency, currently represented in the House of Assembly by Minister of the Environment, Dr Denis Lowe.

Mottley, Farley and Abrahams headed the team which canvassed the Thyme Bottom district, considered to be a DLP stronghold and described as openly hostile to Abrahams when he ran for the first time during the 2013 general election.

During the two hour canvass, however, there were no angry exchanges between Mottley’s team and residents. In fact, most of them welcomed her into their homes.      

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