Teenagers remanded

Two 18-year-olds have been remanded to prison in connection with the stabbing death of Brinsley Warde.

Nishawn D’Andre Prescod of Hinds Gap, Halls Road, St Michael and Nickolai Matthew Thompson of Chadderton Road, Carrington Village St Michael are charged with serious bodily harm with regards the Warde’s death on John Beckles Drive, St Michael Last Friday.

The two who appeared in the District “A” Magistrates’ Court today, are scheduled to reappear on November 13..

One Response to Teenagers remanded

  1. BOBO THE SAME CLOWN October 17, 2015 at 10:41 am

    What is happening to the beautiful ,all most crime free that we used to know? I was always so proud to hear visitors to Barbados complimenting the people, and the way they were treated while there , I always felt extremely proud to listen to all the good things that were experienced while on vacation.
    It is now a completely different view by many,as crime such as robberies, shooting ,and worse murders that r in many cases left some visitors with the fear of never wanting to return .If those in our Government who are in positions to effect change in the behavioral practices of our young people by clamping down on the unsightly acts of aggression and fear that has now engulfed our once Paradise ,we are going to loose out on everything that our ancestors and elders worked so hard for.
    It is shameful to read the daily crime statistics .We are now very close ,actually in the rear view mirror of Jamaica ,and Trinidad even though hundred of times smaller .Someone ,somethings have got to be done differently to stem the flow of crime in Barbados,or alas ,we’ll all eventually suffer the consequences.


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