12 months probation

roach to undergo counselling or face penalty

COURT TODAY BLOCKA presentencing report which was ordered for one of two men involved in a fight on Pinfold Street earlier this year was presented to the court today.

After taking the results into consideration, Magistrate Douglas Frederick placed the convicted man on 12 months’ probation, with mandatory psychological intervention as recommended by the probation officer.

Therefore, Kemal Antonio Roach must undergo counselling and if he breaches his probation, he will forfeit $750 forthwith or face a month in jail.

When Roach, 22, of Suttle Street, The City and Antonio Renaldo Todd, 28, of Ceres Land, Grazettes, St Michael first appeared in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court before Magistrate Douglas Frederick charged with unlawfully and maliciously wounding each other, Roach pleaded guilty but Todd denied the charge.

Police facts said the two argued with each other on Pinfold Street. Roach took up a nearby piece of steel and swung it at Todd, hitting him in the back of his head and wounding him. This occurred after a substance was reportedly thrown on Roach. The two men then engaged in a fist fight which was parted by persons at the scene.

Both men later reported the matter to Central Police Station, before seeking medical attention and being charged later with similar offences.

Questioned by Magistrate Frederick on that occasion, Roach informed the court that he sells himself for a living and had been sexually abused as a child.

Roach’s father said he and his mother had been “trying with him” for some time but were not getting through to him.

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