Thorne introduced to Christ Church South

In his first foray into the Christ Church South constituency since his nomination as the flag bearer for the opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) attorney Ralph Thorne QC told constituents that he and the BLP would save them from the clutches of the Freundel Stuart administration.

Thorne was introduced to the constituency yesterday as the BLP began canvassing voters in readiness for the next general election due in 2018.

Accompanied by Opposition Leader Mia Mottley, former BLP representative for the area Dr Jerome Walcott and other party faithful, the pretender to the seat currently held by the Democratic Labour Party’s (DLP) John Boyce, courted the young and old voters, ensuring them that he was on their side.

BLP candidate for Christ Church South, attorney Ralph Thorne, meets with a Christ Church resident as Opposition Leader Mia Mottley (left) looks on.
BLP candidate for Christ Church South, attorney Ralph Thorne, meets with a Christ Church resident as Opposition Leader Mia Mottley (left) looks on.

He listened to their complaints about a lack of leadership by the ruling party, unemployment, and difficulty paying their bills and satisfying their basic needs; and promised them that things would get better with his party as the saviour.

“It’s a noble objective rescuing this country from the difficulties that it is obviously facing. We have to work hard and beyond the next election of which we are very hopeful about as well,” Thorne said.

“We are very excited about offering that hope to people so that their children and grandchildren could live in a country that they used to know.”

Meanwhile Mottley indicated that the exercise was meant to demonstrate to Barbadians that her party was prepared to “get into the trenches” with them and that it felt their pain.

She accused the DLP Government of not caring about the plight of the people and promised more such visits to other constituencies, beginning with Christ Church East next weekend.

“I want the public of Barbados to be assured that the Barbados Labour Party believes that our work is on the ground. We are simply creating the platform for the voice of the people. This is not a case of a top down exercise, this is a case where we have to get into the trenches, understand what people are feeling.

“There is a sense that this Government does not care and that is what is coming through house by house and district by district and we have to therefore go with the people and hear their concerns directly. Hear them and allow people to know that we can turn this country around,” Mottley said.

The BLP leader indicated that the party had begun canvassing early because it was necessary to encourage the voters to “hold tight” until the next election when she hoped her party would be given the opportunity to put the country on a solid footing again.

“Our simple message is we know things are rough; hold tight. The next election is sooner than the time from the last election. We know that the Barbados Labour Party
has to restore hope to the people of this country and has to bring back stability,” Mottley said.

The BLP lost the Christ Church South seat in the last two general elections, both contested by Dr Walcott who recently indicated that the did not wish to run again in the constituency.

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