Non-stop action

BPMSI’s first championship year to end ‘on a high’ 

Following Tuesday’s announcement that Bushy Park Motor Sports Inc’s (BPMSI) 2015 Championship will climax in a floodlit finale at Bushy Park, St Philip this Saturday, an even more comprehensive shake-up of the traditional race meet format has now been confirmed, offering fans 10 hours of almost non-stop action.

Between the start of the day’s opening Suzuki Challenge Series Swift Cup race, slated for 12 p.m., to the finish of the Hilti Handicap, which BPMSI officials expect to be around 10 p.m., 23 races and nearly 120 laps will have been completed, as well as practice and hot lap qualifying.

To slot all that action in to what the club has admitted is an ambitious programme, changes have been made to the format, which will also ramp up the entertainment for fans.

BPMSI chairman Sean Maloney said: “We’re are so looking forward to lighting up Bushy Park to end our first championship year on a high next weekend. Once we realised that our best option was to move to the night racing, then we had to look carefully at how we were going to make it all fit.

“We have looked through the number of laps for every race, cut them back where it seemed appropriate, and I think it now works on two levels. We have a schedule I believe we can deliver, but it has some fantastic new ideas. Hot lap qualifying will make for some really interesting grids, and the six-lap SR3 Cup races are going to give the Radical drivers, including me, a totally new challenge – no waiting until the second half of the race to do the job, we will have to be on it from the get go.”

The six-round summer season of the inaugural Suzuki Challenge Series will come to an end with a demanding six-race double-header. Not only will championship contenders face three races each before and after nightfall, but the regular format has been revised, which will require a new approach.

Round five will have regular practice and qualifying sessions, but with a change for the races. Normally eight laps, the Swift Cup races will be reduced to six, which will bring even more strategy into the use of the Joker Lap, while the Suzuki-powered SR3 Cup racers are cut from 12 to 10 laps for the first and second races, with the third now a six-lap dash to the flag.

After the lunch break, there will be practice sessions for the BPMSI Championship competitors on two and four wheels, followed by hot lap qualifying. Classes that race on slick tyres – Modified Production 2, SuperSport, SuperModified and the SR3 Cup – will exit the pits, pass the start/finish line once for a warm-up lap, then complete their hot lap, before returning to the pits. Clubman 1 & 2, MP1 and Swift Cup cars will exit the pits and complete their one hot lap from the first time they pass the start/finish line.

For round six of the Suzuki Challenge Series races, The Swift Cup races will revert to eight laps, while the format for the SR3 Cup will remain the same as earlier, two races of 10 laps, with the third over six laps. The BPMSI Championship races will run to the usual format of six laps each, while the Hilti Handicaps for bikes and cars, which will bring the packed programme to a conclusion, will be reduced from 10 laps to eight.

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