Storytellers wow their audience

Torrential showers did not prevent parents, teachers and students from attending an Evening of Storytelling at Erdiston Teacher’s Training College yesterday.

They gathered in one of the school’s lecture rooms to listen to prose, poetry and music from individuals such as Deanne Kennedy, George Francis, DJ Simmons and Adrian Green.

Deanne Kennedy entertained the audience with stories of ‘Adina Springer’.

The programme, ‘Crick Crack – an Evening of Storytelling’, was organized by Erdiston Teacher’s Training College and the Barbados Association of Reading as part of activities marking Education Month.

Known throughout the local literary arts sphere for her small but captivating voice, Deanne Kennedy delighted the audience with Ossie Moore jokes and her popular piece ‘Adina’.

Her performance of the true stories of ‘Adina Springer’ had the audience in stitches, as she drove home her point with the refrain “it’s the people like Adina that keep the world running”.

Poet DJ Simmons recounted the stories of Anansi the Spider, much to the amusement of the children present, captivating their interest with his voice reenactment of the slow, lazy turtle and mischievous Anansi from the fable Anansi Goes Fishing.

A section of the audience at the storytelling

Performer George Francis kept the audiences on their toes with his performances and memory games. He also delivered the patriotic piece entitled ‘Keep Ya Eyes On the Flag’.

Soca artiste Jermaine “Coopa Dan” Gittens also made an appearance, performing the ditty ‘Choose One’, also known as “Yuh can’t be unmannerly and ugly at the same time”, telling the children that songs, much like fables, tell a story.

Acting Chief Education Officer Karen Best, reiterated this point, saying that very often people get the impression that storytelling is only for children, however it is a powerful tool that has helped to preserve, transmit and celebrate our culture.

“In our fast paced, media driven world, storytelling can be a major way to remind children that spoken words are powerful, and listening is important, and that clear communication between people is an art.” (KK)

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