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Jones all for dress codes for parents visiting schools

Minister of Education Ronald Jones has weighed in on the debate over a dress code for adults doing business at the island’s schools.

Jones has come out in support of the recommendation, insisting that a dress code similar to the one in place at the courts should be instituted at the schools.

Speaking to the media today during a tour of New Horizons Academy the minister stressed that the school system must demand respect from parents and guardians and must not allow them onto the compound unless they are dressed appropriately.

“If you come in the shortest shorts, your chest in exposed and falling out from the top of your neck to the top of your buttocks is revealed the students peers will have a perspective on that which most times, if not all times, will be negative. ‘Look how you mother turn up here’. That places pressure on that child.

“School is a place of business. You are not going to go into the courts of Barbados unless you are appropriately dressed. I can’t go in the courts of Barbados with a shirttail. I have to go in with a shirt jack, suit, I have to go in appropriately dressed,” he declared.

Jones noted that while the Education and Public Service Acts address the issue of a dress code for teachers, parents and guardians must also be made to dress properly.

He also touched on the issue of respect for security guards at the schools who he said many parents ignore when they visit the learning institutions. This, he warned, must not be allowed to continue.

“We will allow parents to come where their children are; we are not shutting them out because they are important connections between home and school. [But] not to barge through the gate [and] head to a classroom. Classrooms are off limits.”

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  1. Olutoye Walrond October 10, 2015 at 2:07 pm

    It would be inspiring and – oh – so refreshing to hear our education policy makers address some of the fundamental issues facing education in this country, instead of latching onto to every frivolity that comes around.

    Not that I don’t support the stance taken by the Principals; but surely the minister’s mind should be occupied with far more important matters.

    Would dearly love to hear him on the over 60% of our students who leave school without certification in any subject. Is this value for the money we spend on education? Would also love to hear him on the large number of children who score below 30% in the 11+. Again, I ask: is this value for money.

    In this technological age, what plans does the ministry have to bring impetus to the teaching of subjects in information technology?

    Is the minister aware that the success of Singapore – a country Errol Barrow said was just a little bigger than Barbados – is predicated on the vision of Lee Kuan Yew in equipping his young people with information technology skills back then?
    What is Barbados doing to similarly equip our young people?

    Leave the petticoat issues to the Principals, Mr. Minister, and focus on the fundamentals.


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