JAMAICA – Sisters brutally murdered

COMFORT — The gruesome murder of two sisters in Comfort District in this central parish have left relatives of the deceased and the whole community uneasy.

The bodies of 31-one-year-old Tashi Foster and her younger sibling Deon, 29, were found at their house minutes after 1 p.m. Tuesday by the police who were alerted after residents heard explosions in the area.

 Deon (left) and Tashi Foster
Deon (left) and Tashi Foster

Tashi reportedly mothered two children who had been living overseas, while Deon died leaving four children –– three boys ages 13, eight, five, and a three-year-old daughter –– who were at the house when the shooting occurred. There were reportedly other adults at the house during the incident, but they were not harmed.

Yesterday, the Jamaica Observer was told that the deaths had been particularly difficult for the 13-year-old boy, who was hospitalized right after the incident.

“[It] serious because him a seh him a go kill himself and dem haffi tie him down on a bed,” a female relative told the Observer yesterday as she and others made plans to visit him in hospital.

Meanwhile, the mother of the dead women said that she was outside of the parish when she was informed of her daughters’ deaths. She said that Tashi, who lived in Mandeville, was only visiting her sister in the community when they were killed.

The two sisters were reportedly taken to a back room at this house where they were slaughtered.
The two sisters were reportedly taken to a back room at this house where they were slaughtered.

Meanwhile, residents theorized that robbery could be behind the killings, based on the fact that the women’s cellphones were stolen.

The Observer was told that when the alleged perpetuator entered the premises, he asked one of the sisters her name then sought clarity from an unknown person with whom he was having a conversation on his phone. The alleged gunman then took the sisters to a room where they were killed.

A family member said Deon begged for her life, but her pleas were ignored.

“The woman a beg the man seh, ‘Please, mi have mi pickney dem fi live for . . . you really a guh kill mi in front of mi pickney dem’ and the man still dweet,” the relative shared.

The alleged perpetrator reportedly left the crime scene on foot after, but was picked up by a vehicle some distance away.

Up to late yesterday, the Manchester police said they had not yet established a motive for the murders.

Source: (Jamaica Observer)

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