‘Play your hearts out’

Schools basketball and volleyball season launched

The 2015 season of secondary schools basketball and volleyball was officially launched this evening and young participants have been told that the endless opportunities that await them will depend on their total commitment to their sport.

Speaking at the joint opening ceremony for the Massy Stores-sponsored Senior Schools’ Volleyball and Massy United Insurance-sponsored Senior Basketball Tournament at Warrens, St Michael, assistant director of the National Sports Council (NSC) Mona Alleyne told a small gathering that more than fifty percent of persons who played the sport went on to gain scholarships.

Mona Alleyne (left) received the sponsorship cheque from Trevor Thorne of Massy United.
Mona Alleyne (left) received the sponsorship cheque from Trevor Thorne of Massy United.

“Presently at the NSC we are looking at the number of persons who would have graduated from basketball and volleyball to national level, international level, as in moving out of Barbados and gaining scholarships and playing overseas, and I will tell you what we have found so far.

“In basketball persons who have been in the Combined Schools competition and would have excelled there are thirty-three persons that we have come up with and this is only part of it. Twenty-six of them would have been at the national level and eighteen of them would have gained scholarships which is more than fifty percent in basketball.

“In volleyball so far we have more than thirty-one persons that represented their school at junior nationals, nine at the senior and out of the thirty scholarships, twenty-four of those in volleyball were females. I want you to pay attention to that and for those females I want you to play your heart out and just ensure that you become one of those statistics later down the road,” Alleyne said.

She reemphasized that coming out of the competition were endless possibilities for those who sought to take their game to a higher level and possibly gain some form of employment from it.

A total of 13 teams will participate in basketball this year, including division one champion Harrison College and division two kings Graydon Sealy. Queen’s College will seek to retain both trophies among the females and Barbados Community College among the males.

Information technology specialist at Massy United Trevor Thorne said they were proud to support what has grown to be a developmental programme for basketball over the past 27 years.

“As good corporate citizens we are not only passionate about providing good insurance coverages, products or services, but also about supporting our communities and worthwhile causes and we will continue to support the development of sports and the achievement of excellence within the communities in which we operate in Barbados and the wider Caribbean,” Thorne said.

Meanwhile managing director of Massy Stores Barbados, Randall Banfield, who declared the volleyball tournament open, encouraged the youngsters not to take their youth for granted and noted that what they do today had implications for the standard of health they would have in the future. His company has been supporting the sport for the past 29 years.

Basketball action will begin Monday, October 12, at various schools around the island if the weather permits, while the dates for volleyball are yet to be confirmed but should begin sometime next week.

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