Sherrita thankful to be alive

Sherrita Blackman-Oliver returned to work at Esso Black Rock yesterday for the first time since the accident which claimed the life of her friend, 16-year-old Karim Busby.

For Sherrita, it was a tough first day back, as it brought back all the memories of that tragic night.

“The first thing I did when I opened my book was see that I had written up my paper for July 11 so automaticaly I remembered the accident and I started to cry. So the supervisor told me I could go sit down for a while,” she said.

The nineteen-year-old said she was still racking her brain trying to figure out what happened that early morning. However, it’s not coming back to her just yet.

“Everything is still blank from the accident but I really wish I could remember. I really try to figure out what actually happened, but I can’t. I miss Karim a lot and I still cry sometimes,” she said.

The soft-spoken Sherrita was happy however, to tell Barbados TODAY in an interview just ater she returned home from work today that she was feeling much better, but like the emotional pain, the physical aches linger.

“It has been two and a half months since the accident and I am doing much better. I still have to visit the doctor once a month for check ups,” she said adding that the latest visit was yesterday.

Though hard to escape the pain from the July 11 accident, Sherrita is doing her best to be strong for herself and her two-year-old daughter Dashanni.

Sherrita Blackman-Oliver with her daughter Dashanni.
Sherrita Blackman-Oliver with her daughter Dashanni.

“I’m just thankful for life. I show my daughter that I love her everyday. But certain things that I would have done with her I can’t do now in terms of playing.

“She likes to go for rides but I can’t walk for long periods but I really try,” she added.

This ordeal has taught the Sherrita to smile and has brought her closer to God, she told Barbados TODAY.  She has also had very strong support from her family.

“I try to be happy everyday because life is short. I go to church every Sunday at Mount Zion’s Mission. Just thanking God for life.

“I am very thankful for my family for supporting me 24/7 since the accident. They are always there for me especially since I still can’t do certain things,” she said.

Sherrita was the lone passenger of a car driven by Karim Busby when the vehicle stuck a guard wall at Prospect, St James and claimed the life of the 16-year-old Busby one week after he graduated from Coleridge and Parry. He was giving Sherrita a lift home after work when the accident happened. 

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  1. Hope Bless
    Hope Bless October 7, 2015 at 12:40 pm

    God is great

  2. Observer October 7, 2015 at 3:03 pm

    Glory be to god

  3. Candice Elenor
    Candice Elenor October 7, 2015 at 7:03 pm

    What a great friend we have in Jesus


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