Royal praise for young Bajan Dukers

Last Tuesday, Princess Anne presented gold awards for the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Barbados to seven highly deserving young people. Taking the time from her busy schedule, she congratulated each participant and spoke with them about their experience of doing the award.

Princess Anne chatting with Akeem James and Chad Larrier.
Princess Anne chatting with Akeem James and Chad Larrier.

This year’s awardees were Ajani Daniel, Jeremy Devonish, Ricardo Greenidge, Akeem James, Camille Jones, Chad Larrier and Georgina Trew. Joining the princess in her commendation were Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave, Sir Trevor Carmichael (chairman of the trustees) and Stephen Smith (chairman of the National Award Council).

Smith spoke of the “tremendous work and progress” the award in Barbados had been making in its effort to develop the youth of Barbados.

“The award currently has 374 registered participants from 16 groups . . . . Going forward, one of the objectives of the award in Barbados is to continue to strengthen existing relationships with other youth organizations such as the Barbados Boy Scouts, the Girl Guides Association of Barbados and the Barbados Cadets Corps . . . .

“The stature of and respect for the award programme in our society and abroad have stood the awardees in good stead, presenting them in a positive light when applying for placement at universities, jobs and other opportunities.”

The Duke Of Edinburgh’s International Award Barbados is a rigorous achievement award with three levels: bronze, silver and gold. To achieve their award, participants must complete activities in five sections: Skills, Service, Physical Recreation, Adventurous Journey and Residential Project (gold only).

The activities done by this year’s gold awardees ranged from coaching track and field to bodybuilding, to volleyball, to conducting an environmental awareness project. Four of the awardees, Ajani, Jeremy, Akeem and Chad, offered their services to the Barbados Heritage Trust Foundation by restoring one of the chattel houses at the Tyrol Cot Heritage Village.

Georgina Trew as she received her gold certificate. 
Georgina Trew as she received her gold certificate. 

The participants did their Adventurous Journey, which is a gruelling 50-mile hike over four days, at the annual CASC Regional Camp. This camp is organized by the Caribbean Award Sub-regional Council and held in a different Caribbean country every year.

Camille attended the camp in Barbados in 2013; Ricardo, in St Vincent in 2014; and Ajani, Jeremy, Akeem and Chad, this year in Grenada. Georgina, who is known as the International Duker, did her Adventurous Journey in Madagascar.

The next major event of the award in Barbados is the annual Bring A Friend And Come Hike on Sunday, October 25, which will be starting at Mount Tabor Church at 2 p.m. This fund-raising hike is open to the public and will be taking hikers along the picturesque East Coast, stopping at breathtaking locations like Hackleton’s Cliff and Wilson Hill.

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