REGIONAL – ‘Bloodiest month’

PORT OF SPAIN – Trinidad’s acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams has revealed September has been the bloodiest month of the year so far, with 50 murders recorded.

“We have 50 murders for September 2015 so it is the most violent month for the year thus far, although we have seen over the last ten days, a rolling back in the numbers.

“Now whenever there are murders the TT Police Service (TTPS) has a concern, so although we have a rolling back, it is not about looking at qualifying the murders…but it has to be recognised that the reports of violence dropped over the past ten days,” Williams told local radio station, i95.5FM yesterday.

Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams speaks at a news conference yesterday at the Police Administration Building in Port-of-Spain.
Trinidad’s acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams

Williams said there have only been seven murders over ten days, which he noted is a big difference from what happened in the bulk of the month of September

“And while we don’t have any study which clearly signals cause-and-effect relationships as to why we have 50 murders in one month in 2015, there are a lot of considerations being advanced as to some of the things which would have triggered the levels of violence in the month of September,” he added.

Source: Trinidad Express

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  1. jrsmith October 3, 2015 at 3:10 pm

    Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados, Chicago, and all the other places the black on black war. is it blacks is still in a tribalism mood, instead of bows and arrows plus spears , guns, guns ,guns not the jungle but the streets of towns and cities and villages.

    Not only blacks, but tribalism is playing an important part on the peoples war which is been wage, as well in the middle east. adding to that , religion politics , corruption and poverty.

    If our politicians are going to sit on they hands , talk crap and do nothing, we in Barbados would be scared to venture out from our homes. we are seeing and hearing the news from the US, a country of 340 millions and some news medias , is claiming that there is 1.86 guns person in that country, this last shooting, the shooter had with him more than ten guns , and claims there were all legal.

    We had a shoot out in Barbados and between two low life’s they had 3 guns, bajans do your own thinking. gun crimes are been committed in Barbados anywhere any time , with no regards for the law. our politicians need to do something starting now and if not our people need to call a general election to find people who know what they are doing to manage Barbados LTD.

    Policing the region is going to be a problem , because our varying government seems not to be able to unite and have harmony. Until this can happen what ever helps us all.

  2. Carolyn Robertson
    Carolyn Robertson October 3, 2015 at 6:31 pm

    This call for more than concern what would it be for the remaining of the year.


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