Wong breaks promise

man jailed for slapping wife in her face

COURT TODAY BLOCKWeeks ago, Magistrate Douglas Frederick predicted that Derek Wong would be back before the court for beating his wife or worse.

Wong said then he was sorry for his actions and promised the court that he would not be returning and that he loved his
three sons.

Earlier today, the magistrate was proved right as Wong again faced the District ‘A’ Magistrates Court, charged with slapping his wife in her face on Wednesday.

By doing so, he breached a six-month bond which came with an alternative of three months imprisonment and was therefore automatically given that sentence.

Wong, a carpenter from 5 Free Hill, Black Rock, St Michael pleaded guilty to assaulting the woman.

Sergeant Martin Rock explained that Wong came home around 10 p.m. on Wednesday in “a drunken state” and after his wife spoke to him about it, they argued and he eventually slapped her. She called the police after the incident.

When Wong addressed the court, he said he slapped her in the back, not her face, and his wife never called the police.

“The more we try to help you, the deeper you seem to be getting involved in this,” Magistrate Frederick told the Guyanese national.

“This is becoming a problem for us. If you are applying for status here, you have to behave in a certain way . . . Not every time the court door open, you are coming through it.”

Frederick then sentenced Wong and instructed an Immigration official, who was present in court, that they could deal with him after he served his sentence.

“I think the best place for you is in Guyana because you won’t behave . . . Otherwise, we might end up with a murder charge. If she wants to follow you over there, she can.”

“Please, Sir, the children,” Wong beseeched.

The magistrate, after hearing of Wong’s alcohol problem on an earlier occasion, had sent him to Alcoholics Anonymous, remanded him to the Psychiatric Hospital and sought help for him at Verdun House, which Wong refused to attend.

It was the third such offence for which the 54-year-old went before Magistrate Frederick, including one which occurred in the presence of his son, when he threatened to chop up his wife and beat her in her head.

As Wong sat on a courtroom bench waiting to be escorted out, his wife asked to address the court. She said that she told the police she did not want any charges brought against him.

The magistrate informed her that the police brought the matter against her husband who had pleaded guilty and he had dealt with the matter.

He also informed her that he had not even imposed a sentence along with the bond, as he could have.

2 Responses to Wong breaks promise

  1. Sue Donym October 3, 2015 at 4:59 am

    This wife definitely needs help – to stay away from this man. She urgently needs to understand that he does not see a problem with the circumstances and she will continue to suffer as a result. The children are not to believe that this is how relationships should be conducted. Hopefully Mr Wong will get the help he needs because Mr Wong is all wrong for anyone at this stage.

  2. Kevin October 3, 2015 at 9:23 am

    I have a funny feeling that wife will not be with us much longer through the hands of her husband. Cant she get away? Is there family members willing to help? Maybe she is totally dependent on him financially, who knows.


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