DOMINICA – Bridge to cost US$1.2m

ROSEAU –– The government of Dominica will soon sign close to a US$1.2 million contract for the construction of the Boetica Bridge, Minister of Public Works Ian Pinard has announced.

Since the passage of Tropical Storm Erika on August 27, the two south-eastern communities of Delices and Boetica have been cut off from the rest of the island because the Boetica Bridge was washed away and the only access is through a precipice and up a hillside into Boetica.

The Boetica Bridge was washed away during Erika.
The Boetica Bridge was washed away during Erika.

In fact government has placed focus on restoring access to the two communities.

“The construction of the new bridge, the figures is close to US$1.2 million and we expect the project to be between three and four months,” Pinard revealed. “Very soon we will be signing a contract to do the actual construction of the bridge over the Boetica Gorge . . . ; very soon we will see actual work happening at the Boetica area.”

According to him, government is looking at entering an agreement with a contractor and is hoping to sign the contract within the next couple of days.

He indicated that government was continuing works on a bypass at the Boetica Gorge to provide access to the communities.

Excavation works began on September 22.

Pinard pointed out that a zip line was being used to move goods across the gorge for the people of Boetica and Delices. He said the zip line could support weight of at least 400 kilograms.

The construction of the zip line began on Thursday, September 24.

Source: (Dominica News Online)

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