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sba expo gives small business owners chance to display products

President of the Small Business Association (SBA), Dalton Medford, renewed a call today for Government to deliver on a promise to procure 40 per cent of goods and services from the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) sector.

“This is something that I believe in and should be made available regardless of which Government is in charge,” Medford told a SME Smart Expo in Jubilee Gardens, the City. The event was staged as an activity for SBA Week.

Medford said the association was committed to advocating for the rights of small business owners. He said the activity today was just one of the ways in which they were helping to promote the businesses of members.

“What we are doing is basically exposing the small businesses to the public. We have over 30 participants displaying their products and so on,” he said.

Volunteers from the Barbados Council for Disabled showing off their products.
Volunteers from the Barbados Council for Disabled showing off their products.

“We advocate on the behalf of our members and offer training. Once they take advantage, it can assist them in their business tremendously,” Medford also said.

Many small business owners turned out to display their products, offering them at discounted prices in many instances.

Owner of Nature’s Creations, Cecilia Elliott-Alleyne, said she was thankful for an association like the SBA to help promote their small businesses.

“Having this showcase is extremely helpful. They also have a QuickBooks course, really very helpful and the price at which they offer it, is really good. It’s to offer that kind of technical support. They have many facilities that you can take advantage of,” Elliott-Alleyne said.

She lamented that business had been quite slow so far for the year, but added that she was holding on in these tough economic times.

“Between January and July, business was a little slow but lately we have seen an increase which we are very grateful for. We want people to come in and spread the money around and keep it in circulation because that is how we are going to get through. What we have been trying to do is keeping a close contact with our customers. Calling them when we don’t see them, offering them specials.”

Leroy Maloney, owner of Global Elite Fashions, echoed Elliott-Alleyne’s sentiments, simply saying “things rough”. He added, however, that he was very thankful for the assistance from the SBA.

“SBA helps a lot. We try to help one another to get our business out there. I am really trying and pushing hard,” he said.

Elizabeth Ward of Glorified Bodies reported that business was going well. She too was thankful for the help of the SBA.

“It’s just a matter of adjusting the rates for me and because I generally care about people and I want everyone to get in on my products, I just cut the prices,” Ward said.

Elizabeth Ward of Glorified Bodies Wellness.
Elizabeth Ward of Glorified Bodies Wellness.

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    Barbados Council for the disable needs your strong support people. People who need people…


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