BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS – LIAT agent allegedly beats visitor

ROAD TOWN –– Police in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) said they had launched a probe into allegations that an agent employed at regional airline LIAT last week beat a visitor at the Terrence B. Lettsome International Airport.

“Police did receive a report on September 18 of an altercation between an employee of the airline and a customer. No arrests have been made in the matter,” said Diane Drayton, police information officer.

The incident reportedly took place at this airport in the BVI.
The incident reportedly took place at this airport in the BVI.

While not disclosing any other information to BVI News Online, Drayton noted that investigations were ongoing.

Details of the incident involving the two women are still sketchy, but sources told BVI News Online that the visitor went to the airport some time after 8:30 p.m. to board a LIAT flight destined for San Juan, Puerto Rico. Another flight would have taken her to the United States.

After waiting at the airport in the BVI for about two hours, the visitor requested certain information from the agent said to be employed by LIAT. The agent reportedly told her the flight had already departed.

A heated argument reportedly developed, and the visitor seemingly tried to record it on her cellphone.

The airline agent allegedly took the phone from the visitor, and a fight ensued.

It is understood that the visitor received a number of punches, and ended up at Peebles Hospital in the BVI capital Road Town. She was eventually treated for injuries and then released.

Source: (BVI News Online)

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