Agard under fire

Blp senior member says party's support not behind Dr. Agard

A former senior member of the Christ Church West branch of the Barbados Labour Party is contending that the branch’s executive and other members of  the party are ready to support any BLP candidate other than sitting member of parliament, Dr Maria Agard.

And the source who asked not to be identified, further contended that Agard was her greatest enemy, not the executive members of the branch nor the constituents.

The source raised these concerns today during an interview with Barbados TODAY following Sunday’s annual general meeting of the branch which had to be aborted after tempers flared.

The individual said: “ Agard is digging a grave for herself because never before have I heard of a sitting member of parliament embroiled in so many controversies. Sunday night was the first time I have seen people so disrespectful to a sitting member of parliament. I do not think anybody persecutes Agard. You do not have to listen to me, you can go through the constituency and ask people if they see Agard and if they are please with her stewardship. Constituents have not seen her too much over the past three years. Some constituents are concerned that she partnered with Minister of Sport, Stephen Lashley, in a football competition, a development unheard of in party politics.”

Our source, who has been a card-bearing member of the BLP for decades and a resident of Christ Church West constituency for an equal number of years became incensed on Sunday night when he sought to nominate outgoing president, Lisa Jauggernauth, for another term of office only to be told that his name was not on the list of constituents for
the area.

“There is a high level of disconnect between Agard and her constituency. Here it is I had returned to the constituency to live since November last year and she was unaware of it. I have voted in Christ Church West most of my life. Even if I did not live in the area I always returned to cast my vote for the BLP candidate. The presiding officer at Sunday night’s election, St Thomas MP, Cynthia Forde, knows that I am a fully paid up member of the party. This entitles me to participate in any election to choose an executive of my branch,” the source argued.

He recalled visiting party headquarters to find out why his name was not on the list of members of the Christ Church West branch only to be told that it was on the list at headquarters.

Responding to rumours that general secretary of the BLP, Dr Jerome Walcott, was seeking to replace Agard as the BLP candidate in the constituency, the source asked: “ Why would Walcott get embroiled in a dispute when it is not to his advantage?”

He said several members were concerned at the level of Agard’s representation because the 2013 election was the first time that a BLP candidate lost a polling in any station since Sir Henry Forde cemented support in the constituency.

They noted that Democratic Labour Party candidate, Verla De Peiza, gave a good showing in a constituency generally regarded as a BLP stronghold.

Another longstanding member of the BLP also voiced concern at the current level of representation
in the constituency.

When contacted this evening, Cynthia Forde said a meeting is scheduled for tomorrow with the executive of the branch, Agard and the party’s secretariat to iron out any discrepancies in the two lists.

Cynthia Forde.
Cynthia Forde.

However, when contacted Agard suggested that Barbados Today get in contact with her constituency assistant Linda Freeman who promised to give a detailed listing of her achievements in the constituency.

7 Responses to Agard under fire

  1. Boo boo kitty September 24, 2015 at 2:03 am

    I have heard of this but whatever is done in the dark will be brought to the light .

  2. Kevin September 24, 2015 at 6:57 am

    Point 1, what the BLP really trying to do here? I dont love in Ch CH West but when the BLP was in power in my constituency I saw my representative only during election time. Not that I’m saying its good, but is she really not doing a ‘pang’ as they are making it out to be?

    Point 2, So what if she is partnering with Stephen Lashley in a football competition. You always here about B’s and D’s need to come together for the greater good of this country. Not you are hearing another song. Bajans dont know what they want.

    Point 3, Maria Agard, won by more votes than Jeffery Bostic, Trevor Prescod, Santia Bradshaw and Kherrie Symmonds etc in the 2013 elections. I bet she would increase her margin even more in 2018.

    Stop shooting yourselves in your feet BLP.

  3. Outsider September 24, 2015 at 7:10 am

    Kevin it is obvious you are not too politically literate. The branch executives said she is lazy and decisive. The constituents say she is never present the party says she is uncooperative. She is a Owen Arthur B who is never respectful to the party and should therefore be replaced. She is not bigger than the party and she cannot respect and work with it she should go and allow a member who is willing to be a team player to start working in order to retain the seat. Had Taan Abed not run as independent candidate and cut Verla De Peiza’s votes she would not have that seat despite what you say….

  4. Pauline September 24, 2015 at 7:25 am

    I Grew from a child in this constituency and it’s a regularity from then till now ya don’t see your representative till around election time. I can stand and say since Dr Maria Agard was in this I saw her come around more times than all the rest. Ms Agard was down for a while because she was sick and it seems like she is being penalized for this. I was at that meeting on Sunday and is only one specific group I saw cussing and carrying on and these where all adults and then we as adults would speak ill ofbyour today’s youth. From what I saw on Sunday people where behaving like Maria is who took their names off the list and from my understanding this list came from headquarters (correct me if I am wrong). We are all adults here and the behaviour I saw on Sunday was not quite impressive at all

  5. Babsie September 24, 2015 at 7:38 am

    Ms Freeman please adhere to this proverb and don’t allow anyone including me to use you for their own selfish purposes

    Proverbs 19:9

    A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall perish.

    Click here to listen to Commentary

    One of the quickest ways to guarantee your ruin is to lie. God has committed Himself against liars, and so have good men, and so have most wicked men. Lying does not work.

    God inspired Solomon to write Proverbs to supply you with wisdom for life. One of the great rules of wisdom for your prosperity and success is to live honestly at all times and to always tell the truth. What could be simpler? What could be cheaper, in the long run? This is truly an advantage in the world – to value and practice integrity at all times.

    Honesty and truth are important in this book of wisdom, and the ugly consequences for lying are repeated. God hates the two aspects of lying in this proverb (Pr 6:16-19). Consider Solomon’s emphasis on this subject (Pr 10:18; 12:19,22; 13:5; 14:5; 17:7; 21:6; 26:24-26,28). Lying about any matter for any ungodly reason will never work. Believe it!

    Why would anyone ever lie? Some lie to get ahead, thinking they can deceive others into helping them progress faster in life. They may lie on their resumes, in interviews, when audited, or when asked about procedures or problems. But the proverb is true – what they thought would help them succeed will turn to be the very cause of their eventual ruin.

    Some lie to avoid punishment. This is a common reason among children. When they are confronted about obvious wrongdoing, they usually point to someone else and deny any wrongdoing. Adults are not far behind, thinking a lie will avoid the consequences of their action. But the proverb is true – no matter what the liar thinks, he will not be unpunished.

    Some lie to seduce others into a sin that will satisfy their lusts. This is true of fornicators and false teachers, both of which use lies to soften and persuade their prey and victims for the taking. They mislead, misrepresent, and misdirect to gain advantage for sexual or religious gain. But the proverb is true – they shall surely perish for their lying.

    Some lie to enhance their reputation among peers. They embellish and exaggerate their accomplishments in lustful ambition for acceptance and praise by others. Their desire to be popular is so great in their hearts and minds that they compromise the truth for it. But the proverb is true – there is no way they will gain honor by something so dishonorable.

    Parent, you should establish truth in your home for your children’s sake by your perfect example, careful instruction, and consistent punishment for lying. One of the most useful things you can ever give your children is a love for honesty and truth and hatred for lying. What a wonderful place earth could be without lying in relationships, business, religion, or politics! You can be a balm and blessing in the world by perfect integrity at all times.

  6. Samuel Morrison September 24, 2015 at 1:17 pm

    What is taking place in Christ Church West which has been a constituency represented by the BLP for over 4 decades. It was a highly controlled constituency an armor in the arsenal of the BLP. After sir Henry Forde in 2003, Dr. Duguid was not given an easy time but he had the finances to get past the excesses of the branch. The current president is a youth commissioner, who does not mind disobeying the rules governing public servants. Maria Agard is a stranger in the midst. The branch never supported her. She won on her own. She is too independent a person and does not tow Mia line. You either tow or out. No democratic dissent. Only yes men like Symmonds, Clarke, Sutherland, Marshall et al will survive. Mia wears the biggest trousers.

  7. carson c cadogan September 24, 2015 at 1:29 pm

    Why does the Barbados Labour Party hate her so much?


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