Clean Up Barbados 2015 hailed a success

The Future Centre Trust (FCT) is hailing yesterday’s Clean Up Barbados a success.

According to the FACT, 27 teams turned up for the event, and collected over 4,000 pounds of garbage and 1500 pounds of recyclable material.

“It was great to see how committed they were to the cause, sometimes deploying 2 teams in different directions just to make sure they got a thorough clean,” the FCT said in a statement.

“From the numbers we have of the waste collected, we can say that we have definitely prevented lots of litter from entering our oceans and gullies! Without the support of our teams, volunteers and sponsors this could not have been a possibility!”

Volunteers during yesterday’s Clean Up Barbados

The FCT said however, it was daunting to see so much litter accumulating from beach and road users while the clean-up operation as ongoing.

“This reiterates that we need to increase education across the nation about environmental issues and the threats that litter poses to the maintenance and sustainability of our resources,” the statement said.

FCT’s Executive Director Cherice Gibson said the Trust is conscious “that education will need to be paired with legislation which addresses littering and illegal dumping and will be formulating our suggestions towards that for submission to Government”.

She added that the Trust still needs to arrange some final collections, particularly over 20,000 pounds of  Sargassum Seaweed collected at various beaches along the island.

The FCT says it is already planning a special Clean Up for November to coincide with the island’s 49th independence celebrations.

Clean up Barbados, which is coordinated in conjunction with Clean Up World, an international effort which is held during the third weekend of September every year. (PR)

4 Responses to Clean Up Barbados 2015 hailed a success

  1. Bobo September 20, 2015 at 3:32 pm

    For a vote –is this the reason, primivite Caribbean government leaders cannot apply—- abiding laws implemented and enforced, ”Dont Litter”-period.–Community togetherness learning the facts about garbage– –the health danger–choking the water system, and destroying the ocean.

    Laws enforced with a fine can change a stubborn donkey attitude.Saving lives and tax payers money. and the disgrace i get everytime i give someone my nationality –always the reply, for such a small island why the people are so dirty — garbage everywhere.

  2. cecil p September 20, 2015 at 9:00 pm

    Bobo I’m with u this been going on for 2 damn long in Bim and u know what in many countries there’s a fine for littering even throwing a cigarette but out your car window could cost u big time .it’s about time the government of BIM put this law into effect .end of story from the north pole

  3. Kenneth McGill September 21, 2015 at 11:47 am

    Recycling education for the lower grade students was successful in my community recently. The program was for plastic bags. This carried over to other recyclables such as newspaper, cardboard and bottles.

    K.C. McGill

  4. Andre B September 23, 2015 at 12:24 pm

    Kenneth is right, education for the younger is giving good results, but the problem remains with too many adults who still don’t care !!! Please be proud of Barbados, don’t make it the Junk of the Caribbean sea!! DON’T LITTER


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