Businesses urged to boost staff morale

Corporate entities in Barbados are being encouraged to host more activities to help boost staff morale, especially in the current economic climate.

The call came from Corporate Controller of Republic Bank Hamant Lalla, at the institution’s international treasure hunt and staff rally on Saturday.

The event, which is in its third year, saw staff of the bank from across the region learning more about the island and their colleagues.

Lalla told Barbados TODAY it was one way of ensuring staff were engaged and happy.

Hamant Lalla, Corporate Controller, Republic Bank

“It is ideally to build some team spirit and at the same time have healthy competition among the staff members. We work hard together and this is a nice way to play together,” he said.

And he suggested that more businesses do more activities that would help keep their staff be more engaged.

“I think more corporate entities should invest a little bit more in terms of keeping their human resource engaged. It is a nice way to release stress,” he said.

We understand that the human capital is one of the most important resources. Showing them that a balanced life in this way goes a long way in keeping our processes and good relations going, so I think it is critical particular in this time of economic downturn.”

Teams from the bank’s branches in Suriname, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada and Barbados participated in the event.

They travelled around the island in cars in search of treasures after getting clues that would lead them to ten various checkpoints, where they were then asked to do a range of activities at each stop.  They started and ended at the Mount Gay visitors centre on Spring Garden.

Some of the activities included racing and building a human pyramid. Each team consisted of two people accompanied by others who are knowledgeable about the terrains of the island.

“You get to traverse a bit of Barbados while learning a bit of history about Barbados. You might pass a monument on a normal day and don’t know what it means so this would help someone who is not so familiar to learn something about Barbados at the same time,” Lalla said.

He noted that this year saw the biggest turnout so far. According to him 33 cars registered compared to 25 over the last two years. (MM)

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