Accident at Green Hill, St. Michael

Anthony Harrison of  1st Avenue Waterhall Land,  St.Michael was rushed to hospital with serious injuries after his vehicle crashed into an electrical pole at Green Hill.



Fire officers had to use the Jaws of the Life to remove Harrison, the lone occupant in the white Suzuki vehicle.





Police are continuing investigations.



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  1. jrsmith September 20, 2015 at 5:16 am

    Well, well, the madness goes on , these vehicles ,seems as though they went through crushers. is anything ever going to be , where is our politicians.

  2. Tony Webster September 20, 2015 at 5:38 am

    Hi “JR”: Our politicians are busy arranging to have ready, the necessary F/X to import a replacement on the replacement vehicle, and in particular, one Minister will be paying close attention to ensure that every last cent due is collected: customs duty; Port charges; insurance paid; VAT; road tax, plus of course, corporate tax on the profits the lucky car-dealer makes on the sale; plus a li’l slice offa the sales commission whichin’ the lucky salesman might make…etc etc etc. Um doan miss a trick, yeh! Oops: I overlooked that car-loan: yep, he’ll also take a cut offa dat too- on the bank’s profits!

    This way, you see, they might all be able to pay for the fans to cool-down things at QEH; plus pay teachers’ salaries this month. Politicians are very, very busy people. OK?

  3. jrsmith September 20, 2015 at 9:32 am

    @,Tony ,W, hail , hail, oh dear , our ever so busy politicians, no time for futures. thank you ,they manifesto. must add further.

    The GIAB is saying , we have a problem in Barbados with uninsured vehicles, I would have though there must have been some indication ,for some time now that this is a very serious matter, but what the insurance companies are doing or saying to the public. discovery seem to show its head , because of seriously injured,… Tara Alleyne .. who is struggling with medical compensation.

    The vehicle ,in which she was a passenger, wasn’t insured, so she is entitle to sue the driver , for her personal injuries, and if she doesn’t follow this through, the same will happen with many people in Barbados. Good luck to her. bajans should realize , this could have been any ones family, they should pause for a moment to consider.

    My take , random stops , vehicle inspection , drivers licence, checks, insurance , car search, will turn up a lot of our criminals, drugs, guns , absconders, stolen property, illegal immigrants, stop and search is a simple application , which police forces around the world , where bajan are living have done the same with good success.

  4. Observer September 20, 2015 at 2:04 pm

    Speed Speed Speed Everybody always in a damn hurry to go where and that’s how they end up most of the time

  5. Tony Waterman September 20, 2015 at 2:14 pm

    @jrsmith!!!!! not saying that there is anything wrong with what you are Proposing, Re:-“”random stops , vehicle inspection , drivers licence, checks, insurance , car search, will turn up a lot of our criminals, drugs, guns , absconders, stolen property, illegal immigrants,”” also YES “”stop and search is a simple application , which police forces around the world , where bajan are living have done the same with good success.”” quiye true, the only difference her is that most of these things are covered in the LEGAL Statutes of the Countries you are talking about, so the POLICE has the LEGAL right to do those stops, IF IF they have “”REASONABLE AND?OR PROBABLE CAUSE TO STOP THAT PERSON”” you can ask any LAWYER in Barbados about how many of thos things you mentioned are covered in OUR (B’dos) present LAWS, you WILL be surprised, Doubt me ??? ASK and then reply to me. Our Laws HAVE NOT been updated for eons, to reflect TODAY”S Circumstances, and not only our Motor Vehicle Laws.
    For Instance, Why does a Police Officer still have to stop a Vehicle, get out of His/Her Vehicle, walk to the Left front of the vehicle stopped to see if Road Tax has been Paid ??
    We can now have a possible road chase if that tax is not paid, because once the Officer gets to the stopped vehicle the Driver will take off, now innocent lives are threatened.
    I am not saying that everything from “Over in AWAY” is right, but in Barbados your Vehicle’s Registration and in the case of Barbados you Insurance EXPIRY DATE should be on a STICKER attached to the “TOP LEFT” of your Licence Plate, Now if there were at least FOUR Police Car (A SQUAD) who’s sole JOB was to Patrol any part of the Island and check FOR/ON these TWO Stickers, i would think that this scourge of Unpaid Road Tax and Insurance COULD be easily eradicated, but the Ag. HAS to stop saying what HE feels is not workable, and give us something/Anything that addresses this Scourge, and more.
    I have a BAJAN friend here in my Jurisdiction, and he CAN confirm that this system CAN and WILL work, because he was CAUGHT and SEVERELY Punished by these same Laws. He was caught driving WITHOUT Vehicle Insurance (His Road Tax sticker was not easily viewable, Reason for Stop) and after the stop the Insurance infraction was discovered, he was AUTOMATICALLY issued with the Standard FINE $6,000.00, Drivers Licence was AUTOMATICALLY Withdrawn, his Car was IMPOUNDED. this is the type of Laws that we NEED In Barbados, but they MUST be able to pass muster before any Court Of Law, that is wht the Ag. should get off his BUTT and do a Proper job of PROTECTING the Citizens of his Constituency, BARBADOS.

  6. Tony Waterman September 20, 2015 at 2:37 pm

    Look at the Destruction to that Vehicle, there HAS to be something WRONG with the Vehicles that are being Shipped to Barbados and the Wider Caribbean, perhaps even further afield. I know Green Hill, i grew up just down the Road in Spooners Hill, you would be insane to try to speed down or up Green Hill, there are too many bends and curves right down to Codrington Hill/ Bow Road, so i am going to ASSUME that he was NOT speeding, but just for some unknown reason just Lost control of the Vehicle, so!!! why is that Vehicle Demolished (Top two photos only) SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THESE VEHICLES
    not long ago, a Mazda was Rearended by an Imported (Personally) North American Ford Explorer, the Mazda had to be torn apart(BFS) to extricate the occupant, the Ford Explorer sustained a FEW Scratches, no Structural Damage at all, WHY?? WHY?? HIGHER STANDARDS APPLY TO BE ABLE TO SELL THAT FORD IN NORTH AMERICA AND THAT GOES FOR ALL MANUFACTURERS. sO WHY DON’T WE HAVE THOSE SAME STANDARDS APPLY TO OUR VEHICLES??????

  7. jrsmith September 21, 2015 at 6:08 am

    @,Tony,W, hail,hail, good day to you, thanking you for your update , to add further I was blasted by a certain contributor, to this forum ,who said I don’t know what I am talking about, when I mention the devastation of these vehicles, whether one or two vehicles are involved in accidents.

    My take the cars are not road worthy and if the government minister for transportation , cannot handle this madness , we should import a vehicle technician, who would independently check these vehicles , to prove how road worthy they are.

    What is upsetting to me as a bajan over 75 , our politicians ,
    police and insurers, seems to have nothing in common , to do or
    say to try and recover some sense from this madness. I am thinking ,this is a matter of them and us and who is effected if anything is seen to be done.

  8. Watchman September 21, 2015 at 8:56 am


    Check the picture Waterman, something wrong with the vehicles we importing to Canada !!!!


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