A safer crossing

Traffic lights for Spring Garden Highway

Crossing the Spring Garden Highway will soon become a lot less perilous for pedestrians who have made repeated calls over the years for something to be done to reduce the dangers they faced when crossing the street.    

Government has announced plans to install traffic lights and to place a pedestrian crossing on the stretch separating Deacons Farm from Weisers Restaurant.

Minister of Transport and Works Michael Lashley broke ground for the project along the Spring Garden Highway
this morning.

While admitting there had been repeated calls for something to be done to aid pedestrians looking to gain access to Brandons Beach, Lashley said the construction of either an overpass or underpass was not financially viable at present.

“We’ve had a number of associations lobbying for some sort of solution to the problem at Spring Garden Highway in terms of pedestrians crossing.

“We had an number of options, [including] the overpass and underpass, but of course the costs at this time was a little bit prohibitive, so this solution is in keeping with our budget. We will establish a pedestrian crossing here along with some traffic lights to ensure the safety of pedestrians and other road users,” the Minister said.

While referring to the upcoming project as a “temporary solution,” Lashley said “it was better than no solution whatsoever.”

He explained that an underpass was still a possibility but would require technical assistance.

Lashley said in the meantime it was his Ministry’s duty to ensure that pedestrians were protected.

He said the project was expected to be completed in three to four weeks at an estimated cost of $137,000.

Lashley said new signage would soon be erected on the highway in an effort to highlight the upcoming changes to motorists and pedestrians.

The Minister also revealed that plans were also underway for the highway to be renamed the MacDonald Blenman Highway in honour of popular calypsonian the Mighty Grynner.

He said the suggestion had been made by Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler, who is also the Member of Parliament for the area.

“Grynner has made an outstanding contribution to the art form of calypso in Barbados. We have a committee in place which is dealing with not only highways, but also other roads and other areas in Barbados that can be named after famous Barbadians and Barbadians who have made an outstanding contribution to the development of this country,”
Lashley said.  (RB)

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