I’ll run for Bees

Ralph Thorne eyes Christ Church South

There could be a Thorne on the side of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) in time for the general election due in 2018.

Prominent attorney Ralph Thorne QC has told Barbados TODAY that he has written to the BLP General Secretary Dr Jerome Walcott expressing an interest in representing the party in the Christ Church South constituency.

The party was left without a standard bearer in Christ Church South since Dr Walcott announced on Sunday that he would no longer contest the seat he won in 2003 but failed to retain in 2008 and in his bid to regain in 2013.

It was not immediately clear if there were other contenders or when the BLP would select a replacement candidate. However, Thorne told Barbados TODAY should he be chosen he intended to honour the legacy of arguably the constituency’s most noted representative, former Prime Minister Sir Harold St John.

“If I win the nomination I will be going into a constituency that was represented by one of the finest Barbadians, the late Sir Harold St John. What Sir Harold did in 1986 revealed a depth of character that is rare in politicians when he refused to bend to demands even within his own party that he should out-do the late Sir Richard Haynes’ alternative budget. He placed country before party and sacrificed an election for the sake of Barbados. However, he was vindicated after because the economy did run into trouble,” Thorne contended.

The prospective candidate insisted that his involvement in politics would be cloaked in integrity, stressing there was a place for honesty and truthfulness in public service, something he said Dr Walcott also demonstrated. Insisting that he was an “old-fashion believer”, Thorne promised to represent the BLP, and should he be victorious, the constituency, with honourableness.

“I am probably an old-fashioned believer. I still have this old-fashioned belief that there is a place for integrity in politics. I think Sir Harold was an outstanding Barbadian. I think he was a man who displayed the utmost integrity in his political life and if I am to represent the party and the constituency I do so with the knowledge that it is a legacy that I have to honour. I do not know how you can be too honest in a Christian society. I do not understand the concept of being too honest,” Thorne told Barbados TODAY.

Thorne said his upbringing in the Wesleyan Holiness Church on Tudor Bridge, St Michael has influenced his outlook on life and would help guide his approach to representative politics.

“That early upbringing, that tuition both at school and at church has influenced me throughout my adult life. Schooling you in honesty, schooling you in the virtue of integrity, in your dealings with people and in management of affairs, whatever it is, whether it is a shop, a large business or a country, there is a place for integrity,” the senior attorney argued.

In what could be seen as a preview of his campaign against the Freundel Stuart administration, Thorne contended that the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Government had created for itself an image that was “not wholesome, with a stench of corruption”. He complained that the country was “obviously struggling”  yet the leaders continued to portray an image that suggested they were not engaged “or involved in the struggle of ordinary Barbadians. You get a sense that all is not well in the upper reaches of Government in terms of morality.”

The senior attorney also shared his thoughts on Opposition Leader Mia Mottley’s chances of becoming the country’s eighth  Prime Minister after the next election, saying she had an “excellent” chance because she was a better leader than Stuart.

“I think Mottley’s chances of winning the next general election are excellent. I think that based on comparisons she will win. If you compare the leadership of the BLP against that of the Democratic Labour Party I have no doubt that Mottley could be the next Prime Minister of Barbados and will be the next Prime Minister of Barbados.”


2 Responses to I’ll run for Bees

  1. carson c cadogan September 17, 2015 at 10:58 am

    Dont waste your time Thorne.

    You are no match for the incumbent.

  2. keep it real September 24, 2015 at 5:49 pm

    Don’t stress on this lawyer thing with Mr. Thorne…he is a generous committed gentleman first and a lawyer second. Those who feel otherwise just don’t know the man…they don’t know of the days while living in Grazettes when poor people like himself would bang on his door at midnight when their love ones were arrested for whatever reason and Mr Thorne would jump up from his bed and rush to their assistance in some cases without pay….and if standing up for what you believe in can be construed as a massive ego then i guess that’s why he is not a DEM today…nothing wrong with an ego that causes one to rip cork for what they deem as wholesome. Our parliament needs people like Mr. Thorne, a man who has spent his entire life representing people most of them poor people. if you don’t know the man reserve your comments until you do.


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