Upsets and five-strokes in draughts tourney

Paul Stuart of Lumberjacks suffered a rare five-stroke against single corner specialist Cedric Fields, as St Martins swept aside the Lumberjacks 31-9 in the John Walcott Memorial Draughts Tournament on Sunday.

In a comedy of errors Stuart accumulated three odds in a game against the veteran Fields but stumbled onto a concealed mine placed by his opponent and amazingly recovered from a five stroke to earn a 0-0 draw.

Paul Stuart recovered from a five-stroke to earn a draw.
Paul Stuart recovered from a five-stroke to earn a draw.

“It was a comedy of errors,” acknowledged Fields. “I made so many mistakes in the game. Stuart had three odds at one time.”

In the feature match played at Bush Hall, Lodge Road A regained the lead in the nine-team tournament with a hard-fought 22-18 win over the Magicians, who had a solitary magic wand in Gregory Simmons who defeated Sam Marshall and Whitfield “Festus” Robinson 1-0 apiece.

Veteran Nathaniel “Thani” Grosvenor scored the biggest win, 2-0 over Winston “Scarpetta” Lowe while Jeffrey “Socks” Clarke, the 2002 national champion, also chipped in for Lodge Road with a brilliant finish in a Dyke game where he offered an odd and then won. Captain Robinson contributed with a 1-0 defeat of Wilfred Fredericks for the Christ Church team.

Leaders Lodge Road A now have 107 points, five more than St Martins who led Lumberjacks 16-4 at half time before completing a 31-9 victory. The lone female, Wynell Neverson, took a draw off Anthony “Rat” Agard who was the victim of a 1-0 Mark Barnett upset win Wednesday at Lodge Road. St Martins got home against Lodge Road B 24-16.

St Martins suffered their biggest upset when Andrew “Lion” Harris, the Lodge Road B captain, devoured national champion Richard Grazette 1-0 to the delight of the Lodge Road supporters.

Source: (Hallam Hope)

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