Nine charged

Eight men and a woman have been charged in connection with a spate of recent robberies around the island.

Stephen Streeks, Kyle Hablin, Jermaine Bynoe, Jamar Prescott, Samantha Jack, Keshane Bynoe, Omar Maynard,Germaine Harte, Leopold Scantlebury

Those burglaries occurred at A&C Security Services Limited in Barbarees Hill, St Michael; Sol Service Station in Redman’s Village, St James; Curbside Café in Prior Park, St James and Tapas Restaurant in Hastings, Christ Church.

Leopold Alexandra Scantlebury, 30, of Orange Hill, St James and Germaine Harte, 32, of Pleasant Hall Land, St Matthias, Christ Church were jointly charged for aggravated Burglary of A&C Security Services Ltd.

Kyle Tyrone Hamblin, 20, of No. 36 Jessamy Avenue, Bayville, St Michael is charged for the illegal possession of a firearm while Jermaine Jamal Bynoe, 28, and Keshane Jabarry Bynoe, 20, of Sand Box Avenue Bayville St Michael, face a charge each of handling stolen property.

Jamar Sylvester Prescod, 27, from Church Hill, Christ Church is facing charges of the possession of an illegal a firearm and ammunition.

Scantlebury is also jointly charged with Germaine Antonio Harte, 32, of Apartment No. 2 Pleasant Hall Land, St Matthias, Christ Church of aggravated Burglary and unlawful possession of ammunition, in connection with the burglary at Sol gas station.

Harte and Scantlebury are also facing joint charges of aggravated burglary in connection with the robbery at Tapas Restaurant. Scantlebury was also slapped with a wounding offence, while Harte faces additional charges of handling stolen property and conspiracy to commit aggravated burglary.

Samantha Jack, 32, of Brathwaites Gap, Dayrells Road, Christ Church and Stephen Streeks, 38, of 1st Avenue, St Matthias, are both charged along with Harte and Scantlebury with the robbery of Curbside Café.

Streeks also has an additional charge of handling stolen property from the Tapas robbery.

3 Responses to Nine charged

  1. Loretta Griffith September 16, 2015 at 11:02 pm

    What a great pity! Wasted lives who seem not able to find something productive to expend their energies on.
    God help Barbados.

  2. jrsmith September 17, 2015 at 6:01 am

    Here is nine criminals, all adults, vying for a room at DODDS. most looking as though they have won the lottery. what kind of sentencing would wipe the smile of they faces. I have kids, grans,greatgrans, but so sympathy for this lot,

    Bajans carry on making excuses for people like this lot, the recession, bad home life, role models, we suppose to be an educated society and this lot is a product of they own behaviour. how it starts , going to bed wake up a criminal. the idea the world owes anyone anything has since vanished in thin air.

    What we need in Barbados, to make criminals pay for they keep, on a daily basis, if they have bank accounts cars what ever , make them pay, even after a prison sentence they still leave owing for they keep they must pay it off. as for the issue of bail, 25% of any bail should be paid in cash. we need these criminal to be thinking twice of they actions and the worrying outcome.

  3. Alex Alleyne September 17, 2015 at 7:45 am

    Trying to live the life off the TV screen . Youngsters , wake up, this is the “real world” with LAW and ORDER. Your freedom will be taken away , you all are young and your true sex life will also be taken away .


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