Miller gets four months

COURT TODAY BLOCKAfter confessing to stealing several items from the Fairchild Street branch of Jordan’s Supermarket, a repeat offender was sentenced to four months behind bars today.

Troy Miller, 40, lives at B202 Pondside, Bay Street, St Michael.

The court heard he stole two bottles of rum, chicken cubes, a Red Bull beverage, cheese and other items. Oddly enough, Miller also confessed to the magistrate that he had no money to pay for the things which he took.

“If you knew you couldn’t pay for the items, why did you take them up?” Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant queried.

“I was drinking,” Miller explained.

Security personnel saw Miller enter the store and appear to be shopping.

The guard saw when he placed some foodstuff into a basket which he put on the ground. However, there were other items which he placed in his pockets.

He then left the basket in the aisle and proceeded to leave the store. He passed by the cashiers but did not stop. The
guard stopped Miller and the items were found on him.

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  1. Michelle Stephens
    Michelle Stephens September 16, 2015 at 2:22 pm

    four months? repeated offender? stupes. i got a serious prob with these laws ya know. if he get 1yr for each item he aint coming back so. as january somebody ham gone!!! bare foolishness


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