Aye, aye, skipper!

Young captain declares readiness for newest journey

That’s how Jason Holder feels about his new appointment as Test captain of the West Indies cricket team.

At just 23, Holder is the youngest person to captain a West Indies squad. He told the media during a conference at the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus today that he was ready for the task at hand.

Jason Holder looking to take West Indies cricket forward.
Jason Holder looking to take West Indies cricket forward.

“It’s something I have done before. I’m the captain of the One-Day team so now I have some added responsibility in the Test arena. I don’t think it’s something I can’t handle, if not I would not have taken the job. So it’s just about me getting the guys together and getting the best out of everybody,” Holder said.

He said although he knows it will be a lot of work, he was really looking forward to the new job.

“It should be a very good experience leading them and I expect nothing but the best from them. It’s something I’m really looking forward to. I’ve led teams before, so I’m not really new to it. I’ve handled it in the past and I don’t intend to falter. I’m going to take it on as best as I possibly can,” he said.

He added that with a good support system he knows he will do well.

“The support is there. I have a pretty good management team. There has not been a time where I couldn’t lean on the board for support. I expect even more assistance as my journey goes on,” he said.

With regards to handling being captain along with being one of the main players in the squad, Holder said he would get the job done, and cricket was still his main focus. Holder said he hoped to set a high standard; this he explained was the only way they could move upward.

“The first thing we need to do is set standards so we don’t fall below. It’s important that we set the standard so the guys know where we are at the moment. The quicker we can gel as a side and have everyone understand what I’m looking for as a leader, we will move in the right direction. Once we do that and get players to buy in to that theory then we should be able to move forward. Work ethic is not bad at the moment but there is lots of room for improvement,” Holder explained.

And he revealed that he already has a clear idea in his head where he wanted to go with the team.

“I think myself and the coach we have a pretty good idea of the direction we want to go in. Once we do the right thing, then we can make the steady progression upwards. The key is to get the team together and play in unity. I can see it building and moving forward as one unit.”

Holder said one thing he intended to take from his predecessor Denesh Ramdin was how he interacted with the players both on and off the field.

“One thing I can take from him is his leadership style [and] his relationship with the players in the dressing room. He has been pretty vocal in the dressing room.”

But Holder added he already had a pretty good relationship with all the players.

“I’ve had a good relationship with most of them before, so it’s just about me trying to build on those relationships .You have to get the best out of your teammates.”

Speaking to the upcoming Test series against Sri Lanka, Holder said he believed it should be a good series and one of growth.

“Sri Lanka just lost two stalwarts in Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara, so they are in a rebuilding phase. We are in a similar situation where we just lost Shiv, Chris is out on injury and we have a pretty young side. It should be a really good series. I’m really looking forward to a really good encounter,” Holder added.

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