Former ZR driver pleads guilty to 30 offences

COURT TODAY BLOCKIf Kodi Jones had continued his occupation as a ZR driver he probably would have racked up more traffic violations, as well as some jail time.

In fact, District ‘A’ Traffic Court Magistrate Graveney Bannister warned him that if he ever returned to court “with a string of offences like that, you know where you are going”.

“Bring your toothbrush,” he stressed.

Jones, who lives at Black Rock Main Road, St Michael pleaded guilty to 30 traffic violations today. The list included setting down passengers other than at a bus stop, being off-route, not wearing his badge in a conspicuous position, not wearing a seat belt and travelling without all the doors of the van being closed.

Attorney-at-law Kevin Miller, who represented Jones, asked the court to consider that he had tried “to change his ways” by not only changing jobs but asking that all his matters be brought before the court today so he could plead guilty.

That should “be worthy of a discount”, the lawyer submitted, adding that his client was “now into freighting”.

Miller added that Jones, who is the main provider for his one child, “is very contrite” and prior to his obtaining a ZR license two years ago, had “lived for 28 years and we did not see this type of conduct”.

He then urged the court “if it were so minded, . . . to impose a fine, community service or a combination”, but felt that “a custodial sentence is not warranted in these circumstances”.

When Magistrate Bannister questioned Jones’ absence from court on two occasions, the lawyer replied that Jones had received an injury at home and had informed the court via a sick certificate.

Addressing Jones, the magistrate reminded him that he was not only a repeat offender but he was prolific.

“There are consequences for your actions,” Bannister said.

Jones was then ordered to pay four fines of $800 each forthwith for four offences. He was given three community service orders of 80 hours each for three others and was disqualified from driving any public service vehicle for one year, on three more violations; those will run concurrently.

He was convicted, reprimanded and discharged on the other twenty charges.

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  1. Observer September 12, 2015 at 8:49 am

    Again with the court system in barbados these folks are laughing at the court system a man with 30 violations sent back to be a minus to society and a wrecking ball in the streets good luck in the streets he would be back in court with his tooth brush sooner or later


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