Bridgetown gets moving

Passers-by and fitness enthusiasts got to participate in a series of work out sessions hosted by the National Task Force on Physical Activity and Exercise at Independence Square in Bridgetown today, as part of the observance of Caribbean Wellness Day.

Members of the public joined in the activities marking Caribbean Wellness Day

The young and old got involved in activities such as aerobics led by Brenda Worrell, line dancing under the instruction of Leon Greaves and tai chi from marital artist Qaasen Sealy.

Participants of all ages turned out for the event

It was a fusion of exercise and dance as sitting spectators joined in the action Mr Blood and iWeb.

Minister of Health, John Boyce, told those gathered that the activity was part of the fight against non-communicable diseases.

Health Minister John Boyce and Industry Minister Donville Inniss joined in the activities

“To encourage Barbadians to keep moving, to exercise as part of their routine… [and] to get healthy,” Boyce said.

He added that it’s not just about living longer, “but it’s also about living healthy while you live longer.”

This year’s theme for Caribbean Wellness Day is ‘Healthy Lifestyles, Healthy Ageing’. (KK)

2 Responses to Bridgetown gets moving

  1. Tony Webster September 13, 2015 at 4:07 am

    Any P.A. (Physical activity) is good, but should be a dedicated daily routine, coupled with a smart dietary commitment. A one-off like this, is merely good P.R. (Political Reaction)…or in the case of the Hon. Minister of Health… (Process of Reduction).

    I Look forward to meeting more Honourable Ministers -preferably of the female gender- whilst on my own “walkabouts”. I may be really lucky to butt-up with the Hon. Minister of the Environment, so we might hatch a plan to “deal with” the epidemic of “For Sale” and ” For Rent” signs which have popped-up like nutgrass and are despoiling the environment, plus the growing collections of vehicles decorating roundabouts…for some strange reason.

  2. sheila mcintosh September 14, 2015 at 5:47 pm

    It is great to see everyone participated in the wellness exercise program in the independence square,I hope that the minister of envi,roment was there to see the square need a facelift of getting rid of the mould on the pillars,it is a beautiful area it need to be mainted at all times, let everyone available exercised in the square from Monday to Friday, probally some volunteers will maintain the environment, after their exexcise, Please paint the pillars.


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