Drug treatment ‘working’

COURT TODAY BLOCKBy the looks of things, Barbados’ Drug Treatment Court is well on its way to reaping success. Much is due to the change in lifestyle which many of the participants have adopted.

The correlation between change in lifestyle and remaining drug-free came out strongly at a review session for several young Barbadians who were using drugs, but are now managing to remain clean.

This was borne out by random drug-testing over the past months.

The clients of the Drug Treatment Court programme met for the review session in the Supreme Court yesterday, where several revealed that they have changed their lifestyle.

The lone female of the group told the review panel that even though she is currently unemployed, she stays at home, babysits for her cousin and watches television.

When she is not doing any of the above, “I sleep,” the trained cook said.

Asked what she would tell others who are trying to stay clean, the young lady replied: “I would tell them to stay focused and stay away from people that smoke.”

Another programme participant spoke of changes he had made.

“I do nuff work and I just stop with the smoking,” he commented.

He also spoke of his younger sister, who has noticed the change in him and looks up to him.

“I don’t want to let down my sister because she does be there for me.”

Just as importantly, the participant referred to the financial benefits of quitting marijuana use.

“I seeing that I saving more money than before,” he revealed.

A third speaker said he no longer limes “on the block”.

Another admitted that while he still sees his friends, he now knows “how to control (himself) and not to be influenced by others”.   

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