Big crowd

many gather at courtyard to see murder accused

COURT TODAY BLOCK“I love you mum!”

“I love you sweetie.”

This exchange occurred today between one of the eight men accused of the Dwight Holder murder and his mother when they reappeared in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court to be remanded again, this time until October 19.

“Everything good?” Another woman asked one of the accused, as they exited the courtroom. Many relatives and friends had gathered outside to see the men and exchange greetings, as they did during their first court appearance.

Big crowd

What raised eyebrows, however, was when one of the accused told his mother “I going call you when I get back up”. The comment prompted a man in the courtyard to remark: “I going call you when I get back up? Wuh he going to a hotel?”

Relatives, friends and curious onlookers had initially gathered under the courtyard arch at the entrance to the court to see the accused. However, after the crowd became boisterous and blocked the entrance, a policeman asked them to be quiet and to disperse. This was not done.

Soon after, the cop returned with several others, along with Government security guards. As they walked toward the crowd, many ran or walked off quickly. Several took up new vantage points along the pavement just beyond the court’s guard wall, raised their umbrellas and waited for the accused to come back out.

It was the first time since Holder was gunned down early last month that all eight men accused of his murder appeared in the same dock. The 29-year-old primary school teacher was shot at Leinster Road, Bush Hall, St Michael where he was hanging out with friends and relatives before running to escape gunshots which suddenly rang out in the area.

Subsequently, six men were brought before Magistrate Douglas Frederick charged with his murder. That was followed by another accused days later and finally an eighth man. The eight accused appeared today before Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant.

They are Rasheed Jabar Gittens, 20 and Akeem Adrian Gittens,19,  both of Belleview Gap, Station Hill; Ayo Prince Bascombe, 24, of Headleys Land, Bank Hall; Adrian Antonio Watts, 41, of Windsor Road, Bank Hall; Brandon Damon Joseph, 22, of Beckwith Street, The City; Kemal Mario Straker, 20, of #15 Clapham Park, Nicholas Ricardo Clarke, 19, of 2nd Avenue Godding Road, Station Hill; and Rio Richian Jelani Benn, 23, of Upper Dukes Alley, Vine Street, The City, all in St Michael.

To date, only two of the accused have legal counsel. Attorney-at-law Roy Hurley is acting on behalf of Joseph while Duana Peterson represents Benn.

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  1. kathy-Ann Clarke September 12, 2015 at 1:54 pm

    I am only hoping that at least some if not all, will have time to concentrate on what was done, and try their utmost to have Faith in God, and mend their ways.Ask for forgiveness, and turn their lives over to God, he can make all things new fore them


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