Moore shows his mettle

He needs assistance moving the draughts pieces, is wheel-chair constrained and constantly needs attention. Perspiration is constantly mopped from his forehead, his hands are frequently massaged and he has to be made comfortable often even while sitting.

But Tyrone Moore demonstrated that with hard word, dedication and focus a differently-abled person can compete in draughts at the highest local level with the dismissal of two, vastly more experienced players.

Tyrone Moore
Tyrone Moore

Moore was the toast of Bush Hall Sunday evening after consuming a two-course meal at the third round of the Barbados Draughts Association (BDA) team tournament. For the first course of his meal Moore, representing Mayers Road Lions, gobbled down Hugh “Evie” Kellman 1-0. But the catch-of-the day was this year’s Lodge Road Masters winner Junior “Post” Waldron who is not known to be among the most humble players.

The mailman Waldron was beaten 1-0 in a Glasgow line which sent him scurrying to his draughts board to check the losing moves with a comment that he had not played the line for years. Moore was congratulated for his back-to-back wins although St George’s vastly experienced side with Jack Francis again carrying the weight came through to defeat the Lions 23-19.

Lodge Road A regained the lead in the tournament after a shaky start against the Lumberjacks 18-12 to come away winners 29-11, allowing their opponents just three points in the second round. Sam Marshall of Lodge Road A maintained excellent form with a 2-0 dismissal of Hascoll Trotman, who claims to have two dogs, Lasslie and Rover. Apparently, both deserted him. Marshall maintains the lead as the top player of the tournament on 22 points. Jeffrey ‘Socks” Clarke grabbed seven points from two matches and captain Whitfield “Festus” Robinson six.

Wynell Neverson, the lone female, continues to show promising ability with careful play against Clarke and Nathaniel “Thani” Grosvenor, earning a draw against both opponents despite predictable losses, 1-0. Neverson, secretary of the Barbados Draughts Association, has improved from tournament to tournament.

Wynell Neverson
Wynell Neverson

In the other matches Sunday, Anthony “Rat” Agard snapped up Winston “Scarpetta” Lowe 2-0 as defending champions St Martins eased past the Magicians 22-18 to slip to second position while St George are third. Lodge Road A lead on 85 points with St Martins on 78 and St George 74, while the Magicians have 61 with five other teams also doing battle.

Source: (Hallam Hope)

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