GUYANA – Teen shot helping robbed women

GEORGETOWN –– Armed bandits yesterday shot a 17-year-old University of Guyana (UG) student in the chest after robbing two female passengers in a minibus on the Agricola, East Bank Demerara (EBD) Public Road.

The incident happened around 8:20 a.m. in the vicinity of Flour Mill Road.

The shot teen has been identified as Abdul Kareem Shivrattan of Lot 14 Agricola Public Road, (EBD).

Shot- Abdul Kareem Shivrattan
Shot- Abdul Kareem Shivrattan

Up to press time, Shivrattan was a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC)’s Accident and Emergency Unit.

Doctors were at the time draining blood from his chest to prepare him for surgery.

Police in a release said that Shivrattan was shot as he went to the assistance of two passengers, Natasha Rampersaud, 33, and Lalita Narine, 53, who were robbed of their jewelry by two men, one of whom was armed.

According to the release the bandits joined the bus at Diamond, EBD, and requested to get off at Flour Mill Road, Agricola.

It was when the bus stopped at the requested location, that the gunmen held the two women at gunpoint and later shot at the teenager.

Kaieteur News was told that the UG student witnessed the ordeal while he was opening the gate so that his father, Avarara Shivrattan, could come out of their yard with his vehicle.

He (Abdul) allegedly rushed to assist the two traumatized passengers just after the bandits ran off, but they turned back and fired a shot, hitting him in the chest.

A police detective, who is a part of the investigation, said that the minibus that transported the two men was heading to the city.

“Just as they were coming out of the bus, they grabbed two gold chains belonging to two female passengers,” the police source said.

He explained that just as they were about to escape, they turned back and fired a shot at the 17-year-old who was heading to assist the two women.

The minibus was in front of his yard.

While no one has been arrested as yet, the source said that statements were taken from persons in the area and detailed descriptions of the two men were provided.

At the hospital yesterday, the teenager’s parents were devastated. His mother, Karen Baksh, said that she was at work when she received the terrifying news.

The mother of three said that she immediately rushed to the hospital only to find her son in blood, surrounded by medical personnel.

Avarara Shivrattan explained that his son, who only started the University of Guyana two Mondays ago, was about to leave for school.

“He does normally take the bus but this morning, [yesterday] I was going to Georgetown so I was giving them [hot teen and his sister] a drop,” the older Shivrattan stated.

“He [Abdul] was opening the gate for me when they shoot him,” the father recounted.

The UG student was rushed to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre by his father, but was later transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation where he remains a patient.

Source: (Kaiteur News)

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