Albert’s surety withdraws

COURT TODAY BLOCKA man who stood as surety for an offender who pleaded guilty to two offences and was granted bail only weeks ago, sought permission from the court today to withdraw from this role.

Permission was granted by Magistrate Douglas Frederick and, as a result, Jason Omar Albert ended up having to go to jail because he had no one else present to sign his bail.

The 30-year-old unlawfully entered the premises of Popular Discounts supermarket on June 1 after being forbidden to do so by Euphyne Bascombe, the occupier. He also assaulted her on that same date.

After initially denying both charges when he went before the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court, Albert later changed his plea.

The magistrate took the unemployed man’s drug habit into consideration and he was sent to the Psychiatric Hospital for an assessment and to determine his suitability for Verdun House.

By August 19, officials from the Drug Rehabilitation Programme at Verdun House confirmed that Albert could participate but had walked out of the programme.

When Magistrate Frederick questioned him about it today, Albert said persons at Verdun “asked me to sign an accountability form for things I was dishonestly accused of,” and further, “I was given an ultimatum to either sign it or leave, so I left”.

“I did not want it to be perceived that I was trying to flee,” he added, explaining that after leaving he made his way to a police station.

“I felt that I had to stand up for myself in that situation because I was tired of people walking all over me . . . I was not insubordinate or anything, Your Honour,” Albert explained.

“Who do you have to sign as surety?” asked Magistrate Frederick.

“I have not reached out to anyone to do so, Your Honour,” he replied.

“Well, have a seat and reach out to someone, otherwise you know where you are going,” Frederick advised.

However, no one came to stand as surety for Albert and he was remanded until October 6.

3 Responses to Albert’s surety withdraws

  1. Angus B Post
    Angus B Post September 9, 2015 at 5:44 am

    If what he said is what actually happened the system up there want looking into, they should not be able to issue such an ultimatum that’s wrong

  2. jrsmith September 9, 2015 at 12:12 pm

    I am on Albert side, hail,hail ,he seems not to have had any sensible advice or anyone interested to help him, pity him. I don’t think he should have being sent to DODDS .but should have been sent back by the court to the programme.

    We have a bunch low life’s in Barbados, firing of shots every where , the space at DODDS are for them , not Albert. please help Albert.

  3. Tony Webster September 9, 2015 at 3:30 pm

    Folks, if you think that the management of Verdun, has any speck of untowardness, ruthlesness, “unfairness”, or summuch…well, do your research; get some facts; investigate, particularly the specifics of this unfortunate chap’s case…then swing…and come again!
    FYI, Verdun is by far and away the premier substance-abuse facilty in Bim- and I suspect – most other Caribbean countrires. If? Before casting such aspersions, please get the facts…then cast stones. iF I didn’t personally know the management, and know also a few lucky souls whose lives have been completely turned-around…I wouldn’t bother to comment. We should thank our lucky stars that thre is Verdun; and therefore…such lost folks will always have hope at finding their way out of such pits of misery!


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