Schools reopening in Dominica

Secondary schools in Dominica will reopen tomorrow, two days later than scheduled, because of the damage caused by Tropical Storm Erika.

Minister of Education Petter Saint Jean
Minister of Education Petter Saint Jean

Minister of Education Petter Saint Jean made the announcement yesterday, but said that two schools – the Dominica Grammar School (DGS) in the capital, Roseau and the Pierre Charles Secondary in the south of the island – would reopen only for fourth and fifth formers, as these schools are still being used as shelters.

It is not yet clear when students from first, second and third forms will be able to return to the classroom.

The DGS is now housing residents of the storm ravaged community of Petite Savanne, which was one of the nine communities declared as special disaster areas.

Speaking to Barbados TODAY before the minister’s announcement, DGS Principal Alicia Jean-Jacques said she was hoping that all students would be back in the classroom soon.

“I am really, really hoping that we will put things in place very quickly for them to get back to school because they have had a very long summer vacation and they need to get back on task.

“I am hoping, and many other people are hoping … that it will happen, they will get back to school quickly,” she stressed.

Jean-Jacques noted that teachers have been holding planning sessions as well as staff development sessions ahead of the start of the new academic year.

As for the students who are still awaiting a return to the classrooms, she advised them to use their time wisely.

“You can’t have two plus months of vacation, you have to get back to the books.

“I’m sure many of them, except those who were affected, they have their text books at home they should start doing some work, reading the text books, writing compositions and getting their brains ready to fit back into the classroom because the time will be shortened and they will still have their work to do,” she said.

Primary schools are expected to reopen next week, but teachers have been asked to report to school this week to plan for the new school year.  (MCW)

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