Second Coast Guard vessel to aid in relief efforts

A second vessel from the Barbados Coast Guard is on its way to Dominica to aid in relief and recovery efforts following the passage of Tropical Storm Erika.

HMBS Leonard C Banfield is en route to St Kitts and Antigua to pick up additional personnel before docking in Roseau.  She will join the coast guard’s flagship vessel HMBS Trident which is currently docked at the Roseau Cruise Ship terminal.

Officers from HMBS Trident have been conducting evacuation and rescue operations in the south-eastern community of Petite Savanne, which is among nine villages which have been declared special disaster areas.

Rescue teams leaving Canefield Airport via helicopter.
Rescue teams leaving Canefield Airport via helicopter.

So far 538 people have been evacuated from Petite Savanne, the eldest being Rose Ann Baron who suffered a stroke last year.

Donaldson Frederick, leading fire officer from the Dominica Fire and Ambulance Service told Barbados TODAY his team welcomed the additional support from Dominica’s CARICOM neighbours.

“It has been a very difficult time for us in the fact that it has stretched our resources in terms of human resource and equipment,” he said.

Frederick has been part of rescue teams on previous occasions, but none of the magnitude of this disaster.   

“We’ve seen a number of persons in distress, different types of injuries. We’re also looking at the infrastructure, the damage done
to infrastructure. And it’s just amazing.”

In addition to the team from Barbados, local rescue officials are being assisted by teams from St Lucia, Martinique, Montserrat, Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela.

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  1. Alleyne Heath
    Alleyne Heath September 3, 2015 at 8:29 am

    God be with you guys.

  2. Josh September 3, 2015 at 1:10 pm

    Great job guys


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