GUYANA – Doctor disappears at Kaieteur Falls

GEORGETOWN –– Police and officials of the Ogle Airport and Air Services Limited were up to late last night trying to ascertain the whereabouts of a passenger who disappeared after touring the Kaieteur Falls yesterday.

The missing doctor at center
The missing doctor (centre).

The Kaieteur News was reliably informed the Air Services Limited aircraft returned yesterday with one fewer person than it had transported to the world-famous waterfalls.

A source at the Ogle Airport said last night that the aircraft left the city around midday with nine passengers for a tour of the Kaieteur Falls.

Among them was a female environmental doctor who was scheduled to leave for Miami today.

People on the flight said the woman was seen crying into a phone while on the plane.

When the aircraft landed at the falls the woman appeared to brighten.

Air Services Limited transported two groups of tourists to the Kaieteur Falls. A spokesperson said that while the pilots were on the ground no other aircraft landed or left. This meant that the woman could not have left the area by mistake.

The woman was discovered missing when the tour guide was distributing chits to the passengers for snacks,at the Kaieteur airstrip before they boarded the aircraft back to Ogle.

One of her colleagues on the trip said the missing woman was with the party when it was returning along the trail from the falls.

She said the woman lagged behind and when they urged her to walk up she said she knew the place and that she had been there several times before. She spoke of being with a British team that discovered caves in the Kaieteur Falls area a few years ago.

Air Services Limited officials were a bit tight-lipped but did confirm that the passenger was missing.

One official declined to say if the missing person is a Guyanese or a visitor from overseas. Airline officials and the police have ruled out the possibility of the missing passenger from the Air Services Ltd flight getting mixed up with another group that was also touring the falls yesterday.

In any case, they would have all landed by nightfall.

The Ministry of the Presidency said the Department of Natural Resources had reported that a search operation was under way at the Kaieteur National Park (KNP), Region 8, to locate the female visitor to the park who has been reported missing.

The National Parks Commission rangers, who facilitated the tour, were joined by other staffers in executing an immediate search operation.

“All relevant authorities including the Guyana Police Force, the Guyana Defence Force and the Civil Defence Commission were notified. An expanded search party resumed operations today.

Tours to the KNP have since been suspended.

Source: (Kaieteur News)

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