Advocacy groups wants fewer road accidents

The road safety advocacy group has warned of the possibility of carnage of the country’s roads if “urgent action” is not taken to stop the number of accidents.


And the Barbados Road Safety Association (BRSA) has called for a meeting of the police, insurance companies, the association, the Ministry of Transport and the licensing authority to devise a strategy to stem
the problem.

“So far for the year we have had 13 fatalities. For 2014 we recorded 14, which was a real drop within the last decade, and now this year it spiralled back up and we still have four more months remaining,” a concerned BRSA president Sharmane Roland-Bowen told Barbados TODAY.

Her comments came on the heels of Monday’s collision in Congo Road, St Philip which claimed the lives of two St Michael women and left the two drivers injured; the accident on Bagetelle Main Road, St Thomas that left three people including a 9-year-old boy nursing serious injuries; and this morning’s incident where a car overturned in Boarded Hall, St Michael after the 35-year-old male driver lost control of the vehicle. He was not hurt.

“We need action because people’s lives are being taken and it is taking a tremendous strain on our health resources and on our emergency resources. So something needs to be done before it gets any worse,” she said.

Roland-Bowen has also put some suggestions on the table to try to alleviate the numbers of accidents taking place.

“[We need] to revisit the way we give out our licenses. Another initiative that would really help reduce these accidents is if all those persons who are involved do some type or form of retraining. Most of the time when people are involved they are breaking traffic rules, they have violated the law in many cases whether they are driving without due care and attention, careless driving, those sort of things . . . and if we can get those persons into some for of retraining which will target these areas that will be the first step, so we can stop some of this recidivism on our roads,” said Roland-Bowen, who recommended that insurance companies adopt a similar position.

The BRSA head maintained that these practices were nothing new as they were already being used by develop countries to tackle road safety problems.

“So we are not reinventing the wheel or anything like that we are just using what is out there, what has been proven to assist in creating safer drivers. And it is all in the public’s interest.”

One Response to Advocacy groups wants fewer road accidents

  1. Tony Waterman September 3, 2015 at 11:49 am

    “”Advocacy groups wants fewer road accidents””
    how do they suppose that this be attained, short of putting most Drivers OFF the Streets ??
    I just left Barbados after my Yearly Visit, and what i can’t remember seeing, was Policemen on the Street in any form, a few did pass in front of my House, in vehicles but that was it, if there is NO Police Presence on the Streets, what would one assume would happen, like the old saying “” When the Cat is away,the mouse/Rat will play”” Police VISIBILITY on the Streets will go a long way in remeding much of this BAD Driving on the Roads of Barbados. what we DON’T NEED are more laws as this will not change the bad Road culture that exists today, we need strict ENFORCEMENT of the Road Rules that are already in Place.

    The Insurance Companies in Barbados has to take a lot of the Blame for what is happening on our Roads Today, as they pay out to everyone Regardless of their part in the Collisions, they should be times when there should not be any Payout to a client who has not adhered to the Road Rules, like “Driving & Drinking, Driving and Texting, Racing, Excessive Speeding” the insurance Companies has even paid out for cars that were not even REAL They ARE a part of the Problem.


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