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charge against slinger and harper dismissed

COURT TODAY BLOCKA burglary charge against a senior Nation newspaper journalist and another man was dismissed today.

As a result, Associate Managing Editor Timothy McDonald Slinger and Don Winfield Harper walked out of the District ‘A’ Magistrates Court as two happy men, after appearing before Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant this morning.

Slinger, 62, of Bartletts Tenantry Road, Sargeant’s Village, Christ Church and Harper, 27, of Richmond Gap, St Michael were accused of entering the building known as De Diva Hype Bar on Baxters Road, The City as trespassers, between March 10 and April 15 this year, and stealing 139 beers, 15 bottles of brandy, 12 bottles of whiskey, four bottles of vodka, two bottles of Irish whiskey and 13 bottles of wine, together valued at $2 361, belonging to Jacqueline Proverbs.

When the case was called, police prosecutor Sergeant Martin Rock told the court that he had received instructions from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to discontinue the matter.

In expressing gratitude to the court, Slinger’s attorney Ralph Thorne QC, insisted that this was a “genuine case” in which both accused men were innocent.

“Since April, these men have laboured under false allegations and suffered from an assault on their characters. This is one case where the men are being freed because they are genuinely innocent and not on any technicality,” he pointed out.

Seconds after Magistrate Cuffy-Sargeant dismissed the case, owner of De Diva Hype Bar Jaqueline Proverbs raised her hand and asked to address the court.

While in the dock, she began to give evidence on the case, forcing the magistrate to quickly cut her off.

“The matter has been dismissed so, therefore, your role cannot be to give evidence to the court. If you have something to say to the court, you may, but you cannot give any evidence because the matter has been dismissed,” she informed Proverbs.

After questioning why the case had been dismissed, an irate Proverbs left the dock muttering, “God don’t sleep. Wunna can’t hide from God”.

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