TRINIDAD – Man killed over 17-year-old girlfriend

PORT OF SPAIN –– The mother of the 21-year-old man who is in police custody after killing another 21-year-old reportedly over a 17-year-old girl has apologized to the family of the deceased. Speaking with the T&T Guardian yesterday the mother of four said she did not want to be identified as she and her family had been receiving threats since her son surrendered to police. Asked what she wanted to tell the family, the woman said: “I am sorry for what my son did.”

Speaking at the family’s home at Hassarath Road, Cunupia, yesterday afternoon, the woman said she ignored advice from neighbours who told her to hide her son and whisk him out of the area following the fatal blow he allegedly dealt to his neighbour Satesh Narine. According to police, Narine and his girlfriend were walking on Hassarath Road, Cunupia, around 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday when the suspect pulled up alongside them in a van and exited his vehicle.

Satesh Narine and his girlfriend in an undated photo.
Satesh Narine and his girlfriend in an undated photo.

An argument began between the two men and the suspect reportedly returned to his vehicle and retrieved the piece of iron, hitting Narine on the head and drove off. Narine died on the scene. The police version differ slightly from what the suspect’s family disclosed. His mother said her son came home and was frantic, telling her he did something bad.

“He come home and he say, ‘Mammy, I do something and it go get we in trouble. Ah tell the boy leave me alone, leave me alone’. When I went I see the boy lying down on the road and it had people around. I say the safest thing to do was to carry him in the police station. People say take him away. For what, he would have been in more trouble,” the woman said.

She said the girl at the centre of the controversy was like a daughter to her and his parents were like parents to her son. She said although the couple had been separated for over six months, her son would still go to their home whenever they requested and was still friendly with the family.

She added: “I believe my son was provoked because he is not that type of fella to just do anybody anything. He is not an idle fella he would work all hours to keep his mind off the girl after they break up.”

Other relatives who were at home when the T&T Guardian visited said the suspect had been repeatedly threatened and on at least two occasions carloads of men came looking for him.

The last time he was threatened, the girl’s father promised to put an end to the intended violence. Relatives said after the death they received death threats from relatives of the deceased and had not slept since. The family say they planned to vacate their home of over 20 years because of the threats which they reported to the Cunupia Police Station.

Speaking with the media at the Forensic Science Centre, St James, yesterday Narine’s father wept openly as he recounted the life of his child. Alex Narine said he gave all he had to his son who, he said, never gave him any form of trouble.

“They hit him with a piece of iron in his head. I work hard for that boy. I don’t know what to do. Why he do that to that boy? I work real hard for he . . . . I give everything I had to him and they take he just so, boy? This is ’cause of some girl, boy, he added.

Source: (Trinidad Guardian)

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