Music icons pass away

The local music fraternity is mourning the death of two icons.
Anthony DeVere Browne, a former chief executive officer of the National Cultural Foundation (NCF), tent manager and public service administrator died on Saturday.
In a statement paying tribute to Brown, the NCF said he made an indelible contribution to the Crop Over festival and the calypso tent fraternity and his passing would leave a void in the cultural community.

DeVere Browne.
DeVere Browne.

“Mr. Browne, described as a man with a community focus, posited that the Crop Over Festival belonged to the people and that there was a need for more community based events and interactions throughout the season.  He was instrumental in reintroducing the Float Parade in 2008 and galvanized support from many of the communities on the production of a Whistle Stop Bus Tour across the island to, like the cavalcades, bring additional publicity to the start of the Festival.  His legacy includes the securing of greater recognition for the King and the Queen of the Crop, which still pertains today,” the statement said.
Veteran calypsonian Anthony “Gabby” Carter said Browne, the former manager of the Conquerors/Cave Shepherd All Stars, was a champion for calypsonians.
“Vere always felt that Barbados never respected its artistes, that the Government B, D or C should buy plantation houses and our top artistes live there and let the tourists pay to see and meet them, then sell all the movies, DVDs from there. He also felt the same should be done for our iconic cricketers with Sir Garry given special attention and honour along with his plantation house.  Rest in peace Vere, you will be surely missed.”Forty-eight hours later, the tenor guitarist of the Merrymen, Robin Hunte, died at the age of 80.Hunte, described as a top musician by his peers, was inducted into the Tenor Guitar Hall of Fame two years ago after playing the instrument for over 50 years.In tribute, his colleague Merrymen Drummer Peter Roett said Hunte’s legacy would live on.“The Merrymen of Barbados . . . an amazing group of musicians . . . their chemistry generated pure love and enjoyment of giving the gift of musical joy to so many. We move on without the unique sound of our tenor guitarist Robin. Our appreciation and gratitude goes out to him for all the fun and good times and everything else he gave us.”

2 Responses to Music icons pass away

  1. Cheryl Alleyne-Brooks
    Cheryl Alleyne-Brooks August 25, 2015 at 7:48 am

    Condolences to both

  2. Donna August 25, 2015 at 8:08 am

    Well done ! They were both good and faithful servants. Those Merrymen made me dance and laugh in the worst of times. Music helps us keep our sanity. Vere was right. Good musicians should be greatly valued.


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