Young leader wants youth to read more

The NXT Generation Gavel Club executive team being officially installed. President Isoke Burnett is second from right

With a lot of negative influences in society, one young club leader wants her peers to be exposed to more positive learning environments where they can be encouraged to do more reading and have more constructive discussions.

Today the inaugural president of the NXT Generation Gavel Club, Isoke Burnett, following her induction, called on her fellow club members to do more reading.

Stating that she was aware that the task ahead as president would not be an easy one, the Lodge School student said over the years she found public speaking to be “quite challenging”.

However, the 16-year-old said with determination and becoming a member of the club she was able to boost her self-confidence and enhance her self-esteem significantly “in a short space of time”.

“This being said, I think more youth should be exposed to this positive learning environment where fun activities are used to increase confidence and boost self-esteem. Hence, as our first order of business I would like to work towards [is] implementing a ‘bring your friend to Gavel Club Day,” said Burnett.

“This would serve to increase membership and point young people in a positive direction especially in this time where so many negative influences are out there,” she said.

Doing a quick poll to find out how many of the club members read the newspapers on a daily basis, Burnett said “I would like to encourage us by dedicating about 20 minutes of each session to reading at least one article from the newspaper and discussing it.”

“Not only will this increase our knowledge of current affairs locally, regionally and internationally, but it will also give us more debating topics and [more to] discuss,” said Burnett.

The NXT Generation Gavel Club currently has 18 members. The team was officially installed today and the executive team will serve until January 2016.

Upon their installation, the executive members were urged to set a good example for their peers and ensure the club achieved its goals. The president was encouraged to work with her team to develop “a healthy and dynamic club” during her tenure.

The NXT Generation Gavel Club, which is an affiliate of Toastmaster International, operates under the same protocols and guidelines.

Among other things, the club encourages members to develop their ability to communicate effectively, to read and listen analytically, and develop good public speaking practices.

The NXT Generation Gavel Club was the brainchild of Toastmaster Janelle Brewster. She said the club was designed to help the youth develop their communication and leadership skills.

“In today’s world the ability to effectively communicate cannot go underrated. One must be able to express themselves and be able to communicate in order to navigate their day-to-day lives . . . Our aim here is to develop these young minds so that they can overcome nervousness when speaking before an audience, organize and present ideas logically and convincingly, listen carefully to the ideas of others, participate in and lead group discussions and meetings, and offer advice to help others improve their listening and speaking skills,” said Brewster. (MM)

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  1. Alison Hoyte-small
    Alison Hoyte-small August 22, 2015 at 7:40 pm

    How does one become a member?

  2. seagul August 23, 2015 at 2:20 am

    How abut a hospitality foreign relation course–ty ajani….

  3. seagul August 23, 2015 at 7:43 am

    Reading creates a positive environment among all classes. In it you will lively up yourself and raise the spirit to a wholesome vibration. The healthy food we eat is digested to produce a fit body. Likewise digestion in the mind through reading brings out an imagination of opportunities to go forward and fulfill…
    Deeper Soul.


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