Teens to pay

Assualt charge costs girls $1,170

COURT TODAY BLOCKBetween them, two teenaged girls must fork out over $1, 170 to compensate another teen whom they assaulted.

Tesanna Tiara Williams, 16, of Block 17F Silver Hill, Christ Church and Leeann Sasha King, of Olives Gap, Tudor Bridge, St  Michael, appeared in the Oistins Magistrates’ Court today jointly charged with assaulting Makayla Russell and occasioning her actual bodily harm on June 26 this year.

They pleaded guilty. King also pleaded guilty to a separate charge of damaging Russell’s cellular phone on that same date.

When Constable Gazelda Knights presented the facts, she said the complainant was in Silver Hill chatting with a friend when King approached and chucked her in the throat with both hands. Russell stepped away and King pushed her again, this time in the chest.

The complainant then pushed King and told her she did not want to fight.  It was then that Williams came from behind Russell and held her, while King held her by the throat and cuffed her in the stomach. King then took away Russell’s phone and slammed it into the ground.

Russell reported the matter to the police and visited a doctor. Both accused later turned themselves in to police at the Oistins Police Station.

Chief Magistrate Pamela Beckles ordered Williams and King to pay Russell $500 each in compensation by September 25, or face six months in jail. King has to pay a further $170 to compensate for the phone by that same date. No conviction will be recorded against them once the compensation is paid.

The two girls were also placed on a year’s bond to keep the peace and be of good behaviour. Any breach of that bond will mean a forthwith $750 fine. Failure to pay will see them jailed for six months.

Beckles scolded the girls about their behaviour, stating that something as trivial as one person looking at another should not have escalated into a fight which would have caused them to end up before the courts.

She further told the teens, two of whom are mothers, that they have now to put away the childish things and act like parents.

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