Vendor begs for leniency

Man gets three months for stealing

COURT TODAY BLOCKTrevor Anthony Agard, a vendor of no fixed place of abode, entered Mumtaz Deli yesterday and stole a ring valued $200 belonging to Keisha Crichlow. Later in the day, he also stole money in several different currencies from Peach & Quiet Restaurant and Salad Bar.

According to Sergeant Martin Rock, Agard went to the delicatessen and when he got there, the kitchen assistant had just left to do something. She left her bag on a shelf behind the counter, with a shirt covering it.

Agard went behind the counter and removed the ring. When another employee came out front, he saw Agard. When he was questioned, Agard said he wanted a cheese-cutter. After he left, another customer told the employee that he saw Agard searching the bag.

In relation to Peach & Quiet, Agard went to a storeroom there and took the money from a bag, which was in a desk drawer. A member of the public kept Agard under surveillance and notified the police. Most of the money was recovered.

Today, the 53-year-old told Magistrate Douglas Frederick that he did not come there to waste the court’s time. “I come to ask for leniency on the charge, sir,” Agard said, after assuring the court that “it will never happen again.”

“How will you stop it?” the magistrate questioned.

“I done with it, sir.”

“I went to the restaurant to buy something but I believe it is temptation, sir . . . I went and pick up the thing . . . I ain’t realize they had cameras in there,” the repeat thief explained.

“But the mistake I make is when I went under the counter and I looking. That is wrong. I shouldn’t do it,” Agard concluded.

Magistrate Frederick sentenced him to three months in prison on each count, to run consecutively.

“You are habitual and you need to stop that,” he advised Agard.

“Sir, you are correct. Thank you, sir,” Agard replied

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  1. Adrian Loveridge August 21, 2015 at 6:28 am

    Please note: This has absolutely nothing to do with Peach and Quiet Hotel.


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