TRINIDAD – Superboy to the rescue

Four-year-old saves mother and aunt after car accident

PORT OF SPAIN –– Santa Cruz this week got its own Kal-el, the name given at birth to the comic superhero from the planet Krypton, Superboy, who eventually became Superman.

The four-year-old boy, named truly, Kal-el Joel Alleyne, not from planet Krypton, home of the original Superboy, but from the planet Earth village of Santa Cruz, is indeed being celebrated as a hero by relatives, police and fire officers for his “superboy efforts” which led to the rescue of his mother and aunt from a 300-foot precipice on the North Coast Road to Maracas on Tuesday.

Kal-El Alleyne posing with officers of the Santa Cruz Fire Station after visiting his mother and aunt at the Port of Spain General Hospital yesterday.
Kal-El Alleyne posing with officers of the Santa Cruz Fire Station after visiting his mother and aunt at the Port of Spain General Hospital yesterday.

Their car went over the cliff when it skidded off the hilly road to Maracas.

Kal-el was also in the car driven by his mother Amanda, with his aunt Antonia the other passenger, but he escaped serious injuries in the crash. What followed was the “heroics” of the little boy who is a preschooler at the La Pastora ECCA School.

Suffering just a few lacerations to his face, Kal-el was instructed by his mother to climb out of the vehicle as she herself, despite her many injuries, managed to crawl out of
the car also, and using the little strength still in her body, she began guiding her son out of the bushy and treacherous terrain telling him not to be afraid.

Kal-el was able to make his way up the deep and dangerous precipice and on to the North Coast road where his mother who was able to climb close to the roadway, told him to stop the next passing vehicle. The brave little boy kept his cool and flagged down a car driven by Tiny Charles of Cantaro Village, Santa Cruz, with his wife in the front passenger seat.

When the car stopped Kal-el was able to tell Charles and his wife what had happened. Charles immediately hurried to the area where the boy’s mother Amanda had remained, shouting for help. He pulled the injured woman up from the precipice to the roadway.

She was then given a cellphone to alert her relatives and contacted her sister Dionne and her father who were quickly on the scene.

Fire Services and a rescue team who were also summoned to the scene rescued Antonia from the vehicle in which she was trapped and the car was later pulled from the precipice. Amanda and Kal-el were rushed by an ambulance to the Port of Spain General Hospital while a second ambulance took Antonia to the same hospital where they were kept at Ward 22.

“The car spin around, went up into the air and then went down the hill and I crawled out of the car and got help,” the four-year-old recounted to Newsday from another aunt Andrea’s home in Santa Cruz yesterday, as he remembered their fateful drive towards Maracas Bay on Tuesday.

The preschooler told Newsday: “I just spoke with mummy and I love her a lot and I want her to come home.”

Amanda who is taking care of Kal-el for the time being said that it was the little boy who explained what took place on Tuesday which made her realize that were it not for his intervention his mother and aunt would not have been rescued because of where the car was located. She said she believed it was divine intervention that caused Kal-el to act the way he did to result in his mother and aunt being rescued.

According to reports, at about 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, the trio Kal-el, his mother Amanda and aunt Antonia was heading towards Maracas Bay when Amanda, the driver of the B14 vehicle, lost control and skidded off the roadway.

Despite her attempts to navigate the vehicle back on to the roadway, the car spun out of control, and plunged 300 feet down the precipice.

Amanda was trapped in the driver’s seat while her sister suffered severe injuries and could not move. Speaking from her hospital bed yesterday, Amanda, who was grimacing in pain, having suffered broken ribs and injuries to her limbs spoke gently saying: “ I am extremely proud of my son.”

She told Newsday she was experiencing excruciating pain and whenever she spoke the pain increased. Fire Services and police, along with persons who assisted in the rescue, described Kal-el as a hero and said were it not for the child being able to heed the instructions of his mother, the rescue would have been delayed or not even have been possible.

Yesterday, Kal-el was at home but spent most of his day speaking to his mother on her cellphone asking when she would be returning home. He told her how much he was missing her and how much he loved her, and even blew kisses to her on the phone.

His aunt, Dionne, told Newsday yesterday the family is relieved that Amanda and Antonia are alive and thanked God for sparing their lives. She said Kal-el was not only a hero but was being viewed as an angel walking on Earth.

Dionne recalled that on Tuesday she received a phone call from Amanda informing her of the accident.

“We were at home when Amanda telephoned us to inform that she was in a bad accident,” Dionne said.

“She was very hysterical, my father and I went to the scene, and when we got to the scene the lifeguard ambulance took Amanda and Kal-el to Port of Spain General Hospital and a search and rescue team, brought Antonia out and she was taken in another ambulance. We are very much elated that this child was there.

“If he was not there no one would have seen them or know, what took place or would have been able to rescue them.”

On Wednesday night, Dionne, along with her mother Stephanie and Kal-el, visited the 15 fire officers from the Santa Cruz Fire Station who assisted in the rescue operation which saved the lives of Amanda and Antonia. They thanked the officers for the role they played in the rescue and hoisting him over their shoulders, they in turn renamed Kal-el, as the Hero Of Santa Cruz, while others called him The Boss.

He was rewarded by the officers who gave him a fireman’s hat to wear causing Kal-el to scream out in delight.

He was asked if he wanted to be a fireman when he grew up and Kal-el replied by shaking his head in the affirmative. Checks yesterday by Newsday revealed Antonia, who suffered broken ribs along with back and other serious injuries, was also recuperating at Ward 22.

Source: (Newsday)

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